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  1. baybehbekah

    got certified!

    i got certified today! it was alittle nerve racking but i felt good about my make-up application! even my kitty was proud ...
  2. baybehbekah

    make-up mirrors?!

    i was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good, fairly priced make-up mirror? i am open to pretty much any style, stand alone or ones you can mount on the wall. but i would love to get your opinions!
  3. baybehbekah

    so after two & half months ...

    i got the MAC job! i am super excited and i really can't believe it went through. the last time i talked to the manager he had told me that it looks like the hold or freeze was gonna last another month or so and when he gets some sorta news he would call me ... well he called me last week and...
  4. baybehbekah

    levels of mac certification

    so after waiting a long week and a half, i had another interview @ MAC (different location) & the manager talked about different levels of certification, one of them being "runway certification". now my question is, what are the different levels and what order do they go in? if i get the job...
  5. baybehbekah

    hey! im so excited that i found this board!

    hey everyone my name is bekah and i recently found this board last week when i was googling info about working for MAC. i am currently an MA & business manager for smashbox, and have worked for a number of different lines, trish mcevoy, nars, shiseido, and now smashbox. i really love the line...