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  1. Danapotter

    *MAC*Anastasia*Clear out sale!!!!

    Hello! All the items listed come from a pet and smoke free home. I leave the sanitizing of items up to you as most prefer to use their own methods. I only accept PayPal and will ship USPS Priority or First Class, whichever your preference. If Priority, you will receive a tracking number. None of...
  2. Danapotter

    First Time at Fashion Show - Tips?

    Hello! I have been doing casual makeup artistry for a while, doing makeup for prom, parties with themes, and stuff of that sort. I have never done a fashion show before and I am looking for some tips to help me prepare and execute properly when I am there. It will be a small scale show...
  3. Danapotter

    Taking that good ol' brown palette out

    Hey everyone! It has been a while, but I want to get back into the swing of FOTD's! Products used: (MAC unless otherwise mentioned) Primer: Painterly Paint Pot Inner Corner: Brule Inner Half: Goldmine Outer Half: Expensive Pink and Patina Crease: Purus Cosmetics shaliner in Cinnamon Tea...
  4. Danapotter

    Stormy Skies Tutorial (Blue and Purple)

    I used Scratch, Peace, Ransom, Honey and Zero from my Urban Decay Deluxe Palette (which I LOVE), for this tutorial. I also have some pictures on my blog if you would like to view them! Thanks! YouTube - Tutorial: Stormy Skies
  5. Danapotter

    So, I finished reading an Aucoin book, and this is what I did:

    I love, love, love all three of Kevyn Aucoin's books. He is my makeup role model. Unfortunately, he passed in 2002, but he makes an impact on me. He made me see that is doesn't matter what you like or your passions, but that you can express yourself with color and cosmetics. So, I had some fun...
  6. Danapotter

    Does price effect the perception of quality?

    Hey everyone! As I was looking at different makeup brands, and just trying all of them out, I had this question, and I would love your opinion on it! Does the price of certain cosmetic prices effect how you perceive the quality of it? Personally, I will try different cosmetics as long as they...
  7. Danapotter

    Poll for my future business.....Market Research......

    Hey everyone! Some people know this, but I hope to start my own line of cosmetics pretty soon, but need to get some information first. And, since Specktra has a lot of people, I thought this would be a good starting point. Please answer the following questions as specifically or vague as you...
  8. Danapotter

    Greek Inspired Look

    Hello! So, I posted a tutorial on this look on Youtube, and here are the pictures I took to go along with it. I used: UDPP Mutiny pigment dupe Big T dupe UD Grafitti e/s Bell Bottom Blue dupe ELF Pressed Powder TKB Trading Pearl White Mica UD Peace e/s NYX Navy Liquid Liner All CC is...
  9. Danapotter

    2 EOTD's (One mine, one's by MA)

    Hello! So, today I went to Sephora and my favorite makeup artist there (Jamie) did a wonderful look on me! Props to Jamie from Queens Center are amazing! The first set of pictures is a look I did using the NYX products I bought on sale at Amuse ($2 for the trio, $1 for the...
  10. Danapotter

    Gold, Aqua and Purple EOTD

    Hey! Today I felt like doing something different! Feedback is appreciated! Thanks for looking! I used: Urban Decay Primer Potion Lid: Urban Decay Honey e/s TKB Trading Green Apple Pop! Mica Mutiny dupe I made Shimmery Purple e/s I made Urban Decay Ransom e/s Upper Liner: TKB Trading Black...
  11. Danapotter

    ~Trying a Matte Look Out~

    Hey everyone! So, today I was inspired by the color from C-Shock last year, Eyepopping! Any feedback is appreciated!!! I used: Homemade primer shadow Eyepopping copy shadow Big T copy shadow (very subtle) Shimmery Purple on lower liner Milani Black Eye Pencil Thanks for watching!
  12. Danapotter

    My First Real Try at a Smokey Look

    Hey everyone! Here is my latest attempt at a black and white smokey look! Please give any advice and feedback! Thanks! I used: Primer shadow I made Dark grey shadow I made Urban Decay Zero e/s TKB Trading Pearl White Mica Lips: A lip sheer I made called "Strawberry Field"
  13. Danapotter

    Sunshine in the grass.....

    Heehee, I love making up titles! Here is a quick look only using two colors....CC is appreciated! I used: UDPP UD Honey e/s UD Graffiti e/s Milani Black eyeliner
  14. Danapotter

    Jumping over the Rainbow.....

    I felt like doing a rainbow look today, so here it is! All CC is appreciated as usual! I used: On Lid TKB Trading Strawberry Pop Mica TKB Trading Tangerine Pop Mica Urban Decay Honey Deluxe Shadow TKB Trading Green Apple Pop Mica TKB Trading Blueberry Pop Mica Indigo Color I made TKB Trading...
  15. Danapotter

    Quick Bold Blue and Black Eye

    My video (requested by a Youtube user) using Urban Decay's Zero, Peace and Honey eyeshadows! CC is appreciated! Enjoy!
  16. Danapotter

    Fantasy Shopping.........

    ......Come on, you know you do it! I fantasy shop nearly everyday of my life! I will put hundreds of dollars of products into the shopping cart, dream about it (can't afford it!), then erase! So, my latest "damaging" shopping cart from MAC was.......... ........drum roll...... $371! It...
  17. Danapotter

    Two Daytime EOTD's

    Hey! So, I did these two looks last week, and finally have time to post them! I made my own eyeshadows for these looks, but I will just write down the colors I based them off of! ALL CC is appreciated! Used: UDPP Ricepaper on lid Twinks in outer v Sketch as liner Used: UDPP...
  18. Danapotter

    Simple Bell Bottoms

    Hey! I have not done a EOTD in a while, so here is one from last week. Used: UDPP as base Bell Bottom Blue pigment in crease and outer v Mutiny pigment in middle of lid and lower liner Lovely Lily pigment as liner All CC is appreciated!
  19. Danapotter

    EOTD--Purple Slate (CC Needed!)

    Hey everyone! I have wanted to post a EOTD for a while, but I feel as if my eyeshadow shape really sucks, and did not want to embarass myself. So, here is my most recent look: Used: Nice Vice Paint Pot Goldmine dupe TKB Trading Strawberry Pop Mica TKB Trading Grape Pop Mica Milani Black...
  20. Danapotter

    Does anyone ever feel like getting rid of everything?

    Hello! I was not sure where to post this, but I really need some help. It seems like my collection is growing (which I love) as my family's annoyance to my hobby is growing too. I have 18 eyeshadows, 6 lipglasses, 2 lipsticks, one liner, one concealer and one blush from MAC. I have about 15...