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  1. xxyrbestbetxx

    yes, another rainbow look.

    okay, i love C-shock, but i hate my camera. it just makes all the colors look so bland and grossssss. and it always looks better in person cause it looks pretty much all the same, no matter what combo i do. there was really no green when i first started. nor is there any yellow. we were slow...
  2. xxyrbestbetxx

    I Love C-shock

    again, the colors are alot more vibrant in person. this was before the black eyeliner what i used: face: mac's oil control lotion studio fix fluid in NC45 dollymix blush matte bronze bronzer other worldly blush as highlight eyes: luna cream color base bit t e/s in inner corners...
  3. xxyrbestbetxx

    i love mythology.

    So i took some pictures of my makeup today at work. it was alot more vibrant in person, promise. sorry about the faces too. oh yeah. i'm wearing a bra. sorry. of course a kissy face. what i used: face: moistureblend in NC45 under eyes studio fix fluid in NC45 with 187 brush (so much...
  4. xxyrbestbetxx

    FIRESPOT and fakelashes face: moistureblend in NC45 under eyes studio fix fluid in NC45 with 187 brush (so much better than the 190) tiny tiny bit of studio fix over in NC43 bronzing powder in matte bronze tantone for contouring other worldly shimmer blush foolish...
  5. xxyrbestbetxx

    Gratis (was Re: MAC Store Cashier?)

    i know this question might be really vague, but do you guys know what products are given as the gratis? i have my basic training on june 12th, so i wanted to know what i would receive so if i decide to buy new makeup, it won't be duplicated.
  6. xxyrbestbetxx

    dress code C:

    Hey guys, So i start training on tuesday and i want to go shopping today, so i was wondering what the dress code is for mac at nordstroms. so far i know it's all black with silver or black jewelry and black shoes. i know i find this all out on tuesday, but i'm driving to denver today to go...
  7. xxyrbestbetxx

    purple and greeeeeen make everyone sing!

    so before my 4th mac interview, i decided to play around with brighter colors. for eyes: beautiful iris parasidico guacamole spring time skipper juxt swimming shroom violet pigment blitz and glitz fluid line starz in rockets i might have used more, but i can't remember them NC45 Studio fix...
  8. xxyrbestbetxx

    MANY different colorfullllll looks. picHEAVY!

    Hey, So it's been a long while since i've been on this site. but recently, i've been having more free time and what better to do on your freetime than play with makeup? anyways, i'm going to post some pictures from a long time ago. it's always fun seeing how much you've progressed, even within...
  9. xxyrbestbetxx

    what happens after you get hired?

    Hey guys! So i finally have an interview with MAC at nordstroms (in colorado). I've gone through all the questions that they might ask and i know the demo starts after. now...IF i get hired (which i'm hoping and praying for), what happens next? do i start training with MAC and what exactly does...
  10. xxyrbestbetxx

    fucshia recommendations?

    i'm tired of all the bold eye looks i've been doing and want to play up my lips with fushia. last night, i bought dewy jube lipgelee and dollymix blush. now i'm trying to find a pretty fushia lipstick. with this look, should i not add bronzer? and just put dollymix on the apples of my cheeks...
  11. xxyrbestbetxx

    my take on moisturegleam

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. i know it was made for you body, but my MA said that it can be used on the face. it's a huge huge bottle (if you're using it for your face) and for only 17.50, it's super cheap. the gold shimmer also compliments the face really well. it seems to be more shiny on your...
  12. xxyrbestbetxx


    i know this isn't the best picture but it gives an idea of what i want: does anyone know what colors i can use to duplicate this look. i'm tired of bold bold e/s and want to try something natural but cute. my blushes always seem to pink for...
  13. xxyrbestbetxx

    printable facecharts

    i was just wondering if there's a site i can go to, to print out face charts. the ones on specktra are too small. TIA!
  14. xxyrbestbetxx

    FOTD with chrome yellow, coral, and sushiflower.

    i love the sun. i love california. and i love being home. so here's to celebrate. sorry about the weird look. i was making funny faces at the camera. what i used: eyes: chrome yellow, coral, sushi flower, retrospeck, pink venus, and fushia pigment. waveline fluidline cheeks: refined beyond...
  15. xxyrbestbetxx

    anyone work at nordstroms? HELP!!!

    i don't know if topic belongs in here or not, but it kinda has to do with mac. i REALLLY want to work at the mac counter at nordstroms but if i get any cosmetic counter, i'd be happy about that too. i applied online yesterday and they said that they would get back to me after reviewing it but...
  16. xxyrbestbetxx

    long story. ADVICE. xposted.

    okay. i don't really know how to word all these thoughts so bare with me. i've gotten my makeup done 3 times by mac and i've hated it. but i don't really think it's their fault. the last time i got it done, i asked the MA for a smoky look but not TOO dramatic. so she started doing it and when...
  17. xxyrbestbetxx

    must have pigments??

    i'm gonna be going to the MAC PRO store in LA in about two weeks and i was gonna take a look at some of the pigments. i was just wondering if you guys could suggest some MUST HAVE pigments. i have samples of: - kelly green - melon - golden olive - violet - fushia - white gold i know i'm...
  18. xxyrbestbetxx

    fluidlines, how long do they last?

    hey if i use my fluidlines everyday, how long should it last me? i need to know if i should get backup before august comes.
  19. xxyrbestbetxx


    it was a gorgeous day outside so my boyfriend and i decided to have a fun photoshoot face: - mac strobe cream - mac studio tech in NC40 with revlon colorstay in tan - mac bronzer in refined beyond bronze - mac dual blush in peachiness/blushbaby eyes: - mac fluidline in waveline -...