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  1. ette

    4 Seasons of Beauty (Shoot)

    Hi all!! It's been a while since I was here, and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing very well and have been blessed with the opportunities that have come in my career. Anyway, this is a shoot I actually did a while ago, but the magazine/retouched pics just came out, so here they...
  2. ette

    I found ZEFRONS twin

    This guy from the German band US5 (which is GREAT for lolz): LOOKS JUST LIKE boy du jour Zac Efron: Hey, so if Efron screws up, Disney now has a replacement, right?
  3. ette

    Some exciting stuff :D

  4. ette

    Which cut for me??

    Like this (which one with my face shape?): This is me now: I'm taking the plunge and CHOPPING it lol I'm so sick of my hair now. Will the J McCarthy one look good wavy b/c that's my natural texture and it's easy for me to straighten, but it is damaging.
  5. ette

    My kit

  6. ette

    Photoshoot FOTD's (3 looks!)

    Hi guys! I did a photoshoot last Friday and here are the pics. The black thing holding the light will be photoshopped out so that it looks like sunlight. The model is Melissa Baker, who is currently in the Sisley and Abercrombie and Fitch ad campaigns. For all of them, Ben Nye...
  7. ette

    Bronze & Beautiful PHOTOSHOOT (I'm the MUA)

  8. ette

    PHOTOSHOOT *more pics to come*

    Just some quick pics from photoshoot on Sunday, I will have more by tomorrow/Thursday.. I used: FACE Graftobian High-Def Foundation in Enchantress Laura Mercier Translucent Powder MAC Blush in Cubic EYES MAC Macroviolet f/l MAC Violet Trance e/s MAC Carbon e/s Ben Nye Red e/s Ben Nye Violet...
  9. ette

    Orange lips and Pink lips (2 Photoshoot FOTD's with stunning model)

    Which should I pick to airbrush? I pick three! The orange look is Nars AAE on...
  10. ette

    I found the EXACT dupe of Heatherette

    Baby Doll by Matisse is the exact same color. It's fabulous!
  11. ette

    Robot Girl COMP CARD looks ROP

    Hey, had another photoshoot today. I did this cool robot-y look and 2 other ones (smokey eye and Brigitte Bardot esque). The pics are small but I should have full sized soon. Ben Nye Body Paint is my life! It comes off like a dream too. Smokey look: MAC Smoked Palette Lashes Nars Cococabana...
  12. ette

    Four beautiful FOTD's

    Another photoshoot! I can list what I used later but I'll put in the key products now : links b/c images were too wide Nars Red Lizard l/s and l/l Plumful l/s, Mountain High Blush (her...
  13. ette

    Another Day, Another Photoshoot

  14. ette

    Yay! Barbie and more!

    Okay whoooo! I got the Barbie and Lancome Proenza Pink l/s this morning for Valentine's Day from my mom. I'll take a pic of my Barbie later! Then I ordered my Barbie stuff online (it's sooo snowy out) and I got: all the e/s both the blushes Real Doll l/s Style it Up! l/s Sweetness l/g Fashion...
  15. ette

    Photoshoot FOTD's (LOTS of pics)
  16. ette

    ***Jungle Red***

    I tried to do a 1920's look with the inner lid darker than the outer, IDK how it came out. I used: FACE Armani MSF #4 MAC Blot Light...
  17. ette

    Photoshoot Concept FOTD

    I am the MUA of a photoshoot this coming Sunday and plan on doing a more "rock star" version of this look on the model. She has freckles which I think will make this look much more "fresh". Ignore the crazy colored contacts PLEASE.
  18. ette

    Updated 80's FOTD

    but it is like an updated 80's look, no lipstick, simple cheek, but the eyes are quite 80's.
  19. ette

    My singing