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  1. RussianSexpot

    Know any DECENT maternity clothing companies?

    So I'm just poppin' these suckers out like first pregnancy I wore alot of loose stuff because I didn't really care, but this time around I want to be the 'cute' pregnant lady, that still dresses nice..but is it just me, or every other company you look up online/in the mall has...
  2. RussianSexpot

    Stillblue and Fakes

    Some pictures I took just messing around, I figured I'd just stick the collage I made up instead of putting up three different pictures, the lighting was atrocious, I have a bad habit of insomnia due to playing with makeup, hahah.... *All MAC unless stated otherwise* Face: Hyper Real...
  3. RussianSexpot

    Syracuse, NY? Pretty Please!!

    I live in the big ol' area of Syracuse, (Baldwinsville specifically).. The closest MAC anything is the MAC counter in Kaufmanns (I believe) at Carousel Center, about 15 minutes away from me.. Let the shopping begin!! Michelle
  4. RussianSexpot

    Covergirl Palettes?

    I don't know if ya'll have heard about them, but Covergirl is now carring 4-pan pallettes for $3, and lip gloss/eyeshadow for $3.50 in drugstores and whatnot, I haven't been able to find them yet (I've only gone to one place though), but I'm curious if anybody knows if they'd fit MAC pans as...
  5. RussianSexpot


    I have the same haircut!! I'm a cosmetologist so it's alot easier to recognize what kind of cut it is. Tell her you want alot of layers, and you want them very short at the top - about 3-5 inches long, with longer layers on the bottom. My stylist cut my hair with scissors firtst (not at a...
  6. RussianSexpot

    Rio De Rosa?

    Hey ya'll, I just started getting into swapping on MUA, and I'm going to be recieving Rio De Rosa. I saw a picture of it and it looks gawgeous, but can anybody describe it (texture, etc.) or have any pictures of them wearing it? I'm giddy, and I want to start trying to figure out what other...
  7. RussianSexpot

    Smokey Eye Help

    So how do you guys do your smokey eyes? I normally use three shades, 1 being the lightest, 3 darkest. I put 1 all over my lid, 2 in my crease, and 3 on my upper/lower lashline, but it always ends up turning out goth-like..any suggestions? I love the smokey look and I'm dying to get it right some...
  8. RussianSexpot

    Aww you silly goose!

    So I've had silly goose since forever, and I didn't realize it was Matte (stupid me) until I brought it home...I've found no use for it, and can't figure out what to pair it with when I wear it - does anybody have any ideas or wear this one? Also, does MAC carry a Lime-green (in a veluxe or...
  9. RussianSexpot

    My little boy

    This is mah little man, he's my life and the most sweetest kid..He helped me clean his room today His name is Deontae (Dee-yawn-tay) <<that's probably got a little country slang in it, sorry Thanks for lookin ya'll, I love showin him off, I just can't help it - lol..I'm gonna...
  10. RussianSexpot

    Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

    Anybody else tune in? I thought it was cute, I noticed the MAC stuff while she was gettin her makeup done (oh yeah, REPRESENT!)..I think she's a good person..she's bein real and not giving a *&$# what people think - and I think that's admirable, not often you find somebody like that.... mich.
  11. RussianSexpot

    Does anybody know the Belle Azure price lists?

    Hey ya'll, I'm trying to figure out how much money I need to save up, but I have no clue where to find the prices - does anybody have a price list or know how much of this stuff costs? I know eyeshadow, lipstick and lipglass/lustreglass prices, but what about anything else? And is there any...
  12. RussianSexpot

    Help with lipstick?!

    I love love love this lipstick color - does anybody know what MAD shade would be close to this? mich.
  13. RussianSexpot

    First Post FOTD

    This was kind of my "rocker" look, I was suprised at how much it made my eyes pop in the end... - MAC bare canvas paint all over lid - MAC e/s in copperish over whole lid and a little bit above crease - Black Eyeliner in Waterline - Black Mascara mich.
  14. RussianSexpot

    Newbie :)

    I'm new too, the name is Michelle but everyone calls me mich..I'm so unbelievably addicted, and as soon as my cosmetology lisence gets transfered to NY State I'll *crosses fingers* be working at MAC, oh so glad to be here! mich.