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  1. laceymeow

    open interviews for MAC?

    On Tuesday they're having open interviews for a new MAC counter that's coming to my area. The recruiter who responded to my resume submission on Craigslist told me that they will be having open interviews. I've been to open interviews for other companies before, but I've never seen anything...
  2. laceymeow

    boyfriend problems =(

    i'm not usually one to post my troubles on message boards, but i don't know what to do right now. my bf is 35 and he has this obsession with "barely legal" porn. it upsets me not so much because it's porn, but because he is into looking at young girls. i'm not even that old (i'm 25) and it makes...
  3. laceymeow

    matte lipstick recs

    i'm nc15/20 and i decided that i need more matte lipsticks. i have way too much glittery/shimmery/shiny stuff and i'd like to balance it out a bit. i have ruby woo and glamapuss... what are some other good ones that are available? thanks so much for any help!
  4. laceymeow

    juiced/electric eel/swimming 3/18/06

    for the eyes i used: ud pp electric eel unorthadox nylon juiced swimming paradisco waveline f/l rimmel volume flash mascara i was just bored here at 3:30 a.m. so i thought i'd try a new look lol
  5. laceymeow

    mac "wicked" night invites?

    i just got an invitation in the mail today for a "wicked" night at mac on oak street in chicago. has anyone else gotten this? i'm not sure if i feel like making the drive out for this especially since i'm not quite sure exactly what it is.... other than meeting a celebrity member of the chicago...
  6. laceymeow

    Studio Fix Fluid pic

    in the postcard photo, what is the girl wearing on her lips?? i've read that the eyes were golden olive & something else (i forget), but i'm really loving the lip color.
  7. laceymeow

    green & purple fotd

    don't mind my eyebrows... i accidentally messed them up when i changed my shirt and didn't noticed til after i took the pics =X i used: frostlite f/l lovely lily pigment landscape green pigment kelly green pigment vanilla pigment rummy e/s (on brows) waveline f/l max factor lash perfection...
  8. laceymeow

    stereo rose - anything similar out there?

    i adore stereo rose msf, but i know eventually i'm going to run out (sooner than later). is there anything out there made by mac or any other brand that look similar on? thanks in advance for any reccomendations! =)
  9. laceymeow

    has anyone worked for the cosmetics company store?

    forgive me if this is the wrong forum... i was just curious if anyone has ever worked at a cco. if so, what perks are there? i'm sure there's a discount, just curious how much it is. i just applied at the one closest to me. i worked at an estee lauder counter over the holidays but couldn't...
  10. laceymeow

    color advice =)

    i've been contemplating dyeing my hair red, and here's what i had a friend come up with (quickly, obviously haha) for me in photoshop: this is how it looks now: so i was just looking for opinions.... do you ladies/gentlemen think it'd look good red? i'm personally thinking yes, but i always...
  11. laceymeow

    juiced/leisuretime/nocturnelle fotd

    i used: canton candy paint nocturnelle e/s juiced e/s leisuretime e/s unorthadox e/s max factor lash perfection mascara glitz & blitz f/l a cheap brown brow pencil i'm not sure why one ended up really washed out and the other was rather contrasted, hmm.... crazy camera!
  12. laceymeow

    need a little advice

    i would post this in the "so you want to be a mac ma?" forum, but i don't think it quite goes there.... as i've mentioned in that forum i've got a seasonal position at my local estee lauder counter. i've only been there a little over a week. the last day that i worked, my counter manager...
  13. laceymeow

    insomnia makes me play with make-up!

    not my best fotd ever, but it was fun doing this anyway! please don't mind the flakey skin and acne. i used estee lauder double wear for about 4 days (since i work for el now) and it made me skin go crazy. grrr. i'm also having trouble taking decent, err flattering, pics of myself these days...
  14. laceymeow

    South Bend, Indiana... anyone?

    so life is mac-less here in south bend. i miss living in chicago! is there anyone in south bend that wants to take group trips to chicago to shop at mac (and anywhere else)? :P i don't mind driving! i just want a buddy.
  15. laceymeow

    Anyone work for Estee Lauder?

    I'm not totally sure I'm putting this in the correct forum, so I apologize in advance if it's in the wrong one. I was curious if anyone on the board works for an Estee Lauder counter. I just started yesterday as part-time seasonal help. The girls I work with insist I will have a permanent...
  16. laceymeow

    eotd from 11/19/05

    i haven't posted here in FOREVER and this isn't a great photo to show the make-up... but here it goes. i just felt like posting! lol i used: chartru paint dementhe e/s blue pigment kelly green pigment nylon e/s blacktrack & shade f/l random mascara ...and i probably forgot something but i'm...
  17. laceymeow

    parrot & indie girl etc.

    goofy pics ahead! eyes: shimmermint s/s parrot e/s prose & fancy e/s aqua e/s blitz & glitz f/l blue peep f/l maybelline volum express turbo boost mascara lips: subculture l/l indie girl l/s i LOVE this!! face: l'oreal true match foundation hyper real pressed powder golden bronze...
  18. laceymeow

    eotd 7/14/05 - purple/brown eyes

    not my best, but i'm feeling blah today. :| i used: leisuretime e/s red violet e/s gladabout e/s seedy pearl e/s blacktrack f/l maybelline turbo boost mascara
  19. laceymeow

    fotd 7/13/05

    i guess my lids were too moist before i put my paint on cause it's already creasing!! anyway, here's what i used: chartru paint melody e/s parrot e/s meadow e/s bitter e/s nylon e/s unorthadox e/s blacktrack f/l maybelline turbo boost mascara loreal true match foundation shimpagne mineralized...
  20. laceymeow

    pink freeze *belle azure* look 6/9/05

    i tried to recreate the look from the mac site :-P eyes: chartru paint lucky green e/s belle azure e/s goldbit e/s nylon e/s blacktrack f/l maybelline turbo boost mascara cheap "soft black" pencil liner face: l'oreal true match w1 select cover up nc15 hyperreal pressed powder extra light...