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  1. makeuplover

    Beautiful Iris & Lustreleaf

    eyes: nonconformist f/l shroom e/s beautiful iris e/s lustreleaf e/s plumage e/s silverwear e/s blacktrack f/l maybelline lash stylist lips: subculture l/p festivity l/s red stroke l/p fuchsia lining l/p mad cap l/g
  2. makeuplover

    Green EOTD

    cloudbound e/s hightlight greentea e/s crease unknown green e/s lid humid e/s lower liner point black lll blacksplash mascara
  3. makeuplover

    Does giving my application to the manager matter?

    I just recently dropped off my application at mac and I was so nervous that I just gave it to any available artist then quickly walked After a couple of days I went shopping at another mac counter and saw an old classmate working there so I told her that I applied then she asked me if...
  4. makeuplover

    bitter with fab & flashy

    I'm trying to get comfortable with wearing bright colors.... untitled paint beigeing s/s lucky jade s/s fab & flashy e/s bitter e/s greensmoke e/s blacktrack f/l blacksplash mascara
  5. makeuplover

    is there a pay difference between freestanding to counter?

    im just curious if there is a difference..and if there is how much different? oh and another question....will bad skin affect me from getting hired? i have been trying to treat my acne but the treatments is not working quite well :-/
  6. makeuplover

    best pink mac blush on a nc42

    im always getting peach colored blushes and i think its time for me to venture out into pinks. im looking for a light to medium shade of pink not too bright..pinks still scares me...with a satin, matte or sheertone finish no shimmery ones. oh and i also want to ask if valentine's lipgelee shows...
  7. makeuplover

    more blues

  8. makeuplover

    sleepy blue eyes

  9. makeuplover

    contacts question

    im not sure if this is the right place to post this... do i need to visit a doctor to get colored contacts? i've been wanting to try them but didnt know where to start..theres nothing wrong with my vision i just want to change the colors of my super dark brown eyes to give a pop to my normal look.
  10. makeuplover

    can someone tell me what this is...

    i found this picture while browsing this website looks like it could be a new concealer..but im not sure if its new or an exclusive for a different country..has anyone heard about or seen this product before? im just courious..thanks.
  11. makeuplover

    Brush Question - fading numbers

    How do you keep the number and mac logo on your brushes from fading. It just annoys me..i dont even soak my brushes but i guess the way i hold them makes it fade away. I was just wondering what you gals do to prevent it or do you just let it fade and dont bother with it.
  12. makeuplover

    Fairy FOTD

    you look very that glitter liner on you
  13. makeuplover

    super random

    sounds like its from Hi Town Djs and the songs title is Ding-a-ling...they are djs from here..not sure if thats the right song youre talking about...but try it..that song is hella funny
  14. makeuplover

    Needs help with complementary colors for....

    bitter sushi flower tilt beautiful iris i made my first quad palette this weekend..yey!...but realized that i dont have colors that go well with them ..can you please recommend color planning on going back next weekend to get colors that will work well with them but i dont...
  15. makeuplover

    Backstreet Boys are back!!!

    haha i always loved backstreet boys even though i never admitted it to my friends..anyways im so happy their back and im so happy that they stuck to their love-slow jams thing because i would have been too disappointed if they did something different...their new song incomplete is great! :-)
  16. makeuplover

    i need help finding a website with cool hair color

    i wanna get my hair colored but i dont want to get the typical highlights..i had that a while ago and got bored with it cause so many people had the same style too! so im asking if any of you know a good website that had pictures of funky colored hair or if you have pictures of your own please...
  17. makeuplover

    has anyone tried makeup from Sugar Cosmetics

    there packaging is too cute and i was thinking of buying a couple of things but i want to know how does it compare to mac? i dont want to waste money on makeup that only looks cute in the packaging and not on the face.thanks :-)
  18. makeuplover

    EOTD: Humid

    humid brill carbon
  19. makeuplover

    retrospeck and medowland

    day look retrospeck all over lid medowland on upper and bottom lashline maybelline wonder curl mascara
  20. makeuplover

    H E L L O E V E R YO N E ! !

    H E L L O E V E R YO N E ! ! I'm new to this site but not new to mac..I'm obsessed and so happy to find this gives me more ideas on how to put makeup.