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  1. Glow

    My first FOTD!

    This look is in preparation of going to work and sporting the reindeer antlers! Stoked! I used: Clinique Naturally Glossy mascara in black Some cheap sugar cookie lipbalm from claires Lise Watier lip liner in bordeaux MAC Powerhouse lipstick The Balm Shake my Punch lipgloss Im so glad I...
  2. Glow

    Whiteheads on my chin that won't go away!

    These little buggers are persistant and it's been like 2 years with them. The same ones and i'm only getting more I've tried just about every cleanser I could afford (aveeno, proactiv, neutrogena, clean & clear, body shop) but nothing gets rid of them!!! What do i do to get rid of them!
  3. Glow

    My MAC collection approaching a year.

    Yes - That's right. I think I started collecting MAC on September 28th, 2005. After seeing Alexa's Shimmermint Tutorial. So many thanks to you! I started out with many brights and towards the end of spring I got into my neutral fix. I absolutely love MAC Eyeshadows: Shroom Mythology Bronze...
  4. Glow

    My non-MAC vacation/b2s haul!!!

    *Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo (One litre bottle!!) *Redken 12 Align ultra-straight balm *Eyeko's strawberry fat balm *Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara in Jet Black *Clinique Long Pretty lashes in brown-black *Clinique colour surge in Camisole *Life brand coconut & mango lip balm *Sally Hansen Get...
  5. Glow

    Sweetie Cake/Lush haul!

    I went to the counter I normally visit the other day with my friend to check out Amuse (we would've made our way to the store, but knew it would've been busy). And while she was swatching eyeshadows I was looking at lip products. I looked behind the lipgelees and saw a beaker with Petite Glosses...
  6. Glow

    I feel so bad for my mom - yes, fashion related.

    I got my marks today and i got above 65% in everything but calm, figures i have the english teacher for the am slot who marks hard. anyways. mom went to Trend and got me a "chanel" purse way back in feb and didn't tell me. She spent $300 on it CAD, When she gave it to me and after looking at...
  7. Glow

    LiquidLast Liners - Perm or Le?

    I've been hearing both and since i'm completely broke. I'd like to save for Lure/Bait/Hooked.
  8. Glow

    My friend re-created parrot perfectly.

    I don't know if its just her or what, But my friend was wearing eyeshadow today that I could've sworn was parrot. So i asked her and she was like "I ran out months ago, It's taupographic and the teal from the olive holiday set". It looked exactly like parrot! Has anyone else had any weird...
  9. Glow

    What do FS Stores carry that counters don't?

    Rumor has it were getting a FS store in June (calgary). So I was wondering what sort of products you can get at them that differ from counters
  10. Glow

    I need a valentines look for tommorow. Helppp

    I'm having trouble thinking of some cool colour combinations for a valentines look tommorow. As far as colours go I have (and can't purchase anymore tonight) Shadows: Aquadisiac Cinders Creme De Violet Crystal Avalanche Electric Eel Era Gingersoft Gorgeous Gold Juxt Melton Mauve Pearl of the...
  11. Glow

    Question: Best nude pink lipstick/lipgloss

    Yep, As stated above I desire a nude and a pale shade of pink. Anyone want to recommend me one? Please? Thanks!
  12. Glow

    So, I get into a relationship and then I decide I dont want to be in it.

    So I don't know what my problem is, perhaps its just the teenage thrill of having a relationship but I seem to persue relationships successfully and then just days after feel like I want to be single again. I just became 'official' with this great guy. You know the ultra caring type? I dont...
  13. Glow

    Dream place to work or Job with a friend...

    So i've wanted to work at The Bay since i was 10. I just quit my last job and voila the bay started hiring seasonal. So i sent in my resume and coverletter (and boy were they great) And 4 days later no call back so I applied for Northern Reflections where my friends work. Well guess who calls...
  14. Glow

    My seriously small collection

    Since I started my collection (mid september) i've gotten: Eyes: Creme De Violet e/s Melton Mauve e/s Juxt e/s Swimming e/s Electric Eel e/s Crystal Avalanche e/s Aquadisiac e/s Pink Venus e/s Love-Bud e/s Iris Print e/s Slip Pink e/s Taupeless e/s Era e/s Shroom e/s Trend Eyes Gracious Me...
  15. Glow

    What's the return/exchange policy?

    Hi all, My friend bought me a shimmermint shadestick on Friday, I've only used it three times at the maximum and today when I was going to use it the thing that pushes it up broke and out slipped the shimmermint. I have it back where it was but that doesn't change the fact it was broken. I...
  16. Glow

    How can I make parrot work with my green eyes?

    My mother got it for me a while ago and i've tried so hard to make it work out, but it just doesn't. I have green eyes, and i do want to make this work somehow any help?
  17. Glow


    I'm Shauna, i'm 17 and i'm an absolute MAC addict. It's funny really because I tend to spend my whole pay there, it's so easy. Heh