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  1. retrofox

    Changing Sale Title

    Hi there! Help! Since we changed over to the new platform, I'm having troubles changing/editing the title of my sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  2. retrofox

    MAC Bloggers Obsessions Discussion

    EDITED BY ADMIN FOR FIRST POST TO REFLECT CURRENT INFORMATION Beauty blogs are more popular than ever at the moment. You can read reviews, see photographs, and watch videos on up and coming products from popular cosmetic brands around the world. We all know the social creatures...
  3. retrofox

    14 Topshop Lipstick Haul! Swatches included!

    I went to New York in MArch and scooped up 5 of these! Pigmented and creamy, I fell in love and bought the remaining ones I didn't own online and they came today! This is what I got: images/7/77/7721ec74_post1_1.jpg images/b/b6/b6f43f0e_post2_1.jpg...
  4. retrofox

    wanna see the HK traincase??!?!?!?!

    yayayayayayya I got it! well...actually I got 2, but I'm saving the other for my daughter I'm having 6 years from now lol! Anyways here it is!!!! Top View YAY the inside! So the inside has two removable compartment spacers. They're connected to the bag by Velcro! Soooooo awesome! I love...
  5. retrofox

    Another retrofox $1000 haul (hk, look what you made me do)

    OMG here I go I bought almost the whole collection minus the bracelet ($34??? , the keychain, and the petite makeup bag (too small!). I bought some doubles (notice the (x2) inserts), but I didn't want to pull them out of the package for this photo shoot so they aren't shown. Anyways...
  6. retrofox

    It's my birthday and I'll buy if I want to! (SUPER HAUL!)

    Alright ladies, soooo I just turned 22 and what did I want for my birthday from myself? ummmm some MAC of course! So I bought from my local counter, online, ebay (2 items), and Sephora. Feel free to take a peak! BBR Lipsticks: B-Babe, Marquise D', All's Fair, Chignon, Blow Dry, What a Do...
  7. retrofox

    My $300+ MAC haul

    Yay it's my first post! Anyways, Merry Christmas to myself! The new Chill colletion came out and I had to get to my Mac store! Here's what I bought.... Won my Playboy Glitter Cream in Playmate Pink on eBay for under $50! CCB in Hush and Blush in Trace Gold E/S in Charcoal Brown...