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  1. Vicky88

    My 7 week old sister smiling!! Izzy did her first ever smile this week, she is so precious. The smile is about 50 seconds into the video.
  2. Vicky88

    I have lost 34lb!

    Yeah, so since my birthday in June last year I have lost 34lb. 15lb of those were done slowly between then and last month but the remaining 19 has been lost since March 14th. I still have a long way to go but I just wanted to share that with you all! It's one of my life goals to run the London...
  3. Vicky88

    What colours should I try & one other question

    Q1. If you could give me a makeover, what would you do to me? I prefer MAC stuff but I would consider other brands if necessary. Q2. What red lipstick by MAC would suit me? please say there is one because I'm dying to try a red!
  4. Vicky88

    you know you're addicted to make-up...

    ... when even your 2 and a half year old brother can apply blusher flawlessy!
  5. Vicky88

    my new baby sister - 2 days old *pics*

    meet isobel ann! born 1st march at 12.20pm weighing 8lb 2oz.
  6. Vicky88

    First FOTD - minimal face, brown/neutral eyes

    Here is my first FOTD - I've never posted a picture on here or anything! Please excuse my silly face, I took this without realising (I was trying to work the shutter on the back of my camera phone!) but it showed the make-up quite well so I kept it heh. FACE: MAC Strobe Cream Laura Mercier...
  7. Vicky88

    Workout videos - are they actually any good?

    I HAVE to get some more exercise in, I always say I am going to go for walks or join a gym and never do. So are DVDs a sufficient form of excercise if done regularly? & If do, can anyone recommend a good one (available in the UK please!). Thanks.
  8. Vicky88

    Sex, Chocolate or Make Up?

    Okay so we've all been asked: sex or chocolate, right? Well... since make-up is so important to all of us, let's alter it! So which would you choose if it meant going without the other two forever: sex, chocolate or make-up?
  9. Vicky88

    Best brush for outer V/crease?

    I need a brush to do the outer v/crease... I have the 222 but I find it too big? Any recommendations? Doesn't have to be MAC!
  10. Vicky88

    Negative Experiences With Mua/ebay/specktra/lj Swappers

    Since we have a thread for favourite ebay/MUA etc. swappers, how about one to warn members? I've just had an awful experience with MUA: Candy85/LJ: _candelaria. You can read about it here if you're a member of LJ:
  11. Vicky88

    Haven't been on Specktra in aaages!

    Hey girls!! Hope you missed me :P I totally lost interest in MAC and make up in general and I've been really busy with school. I have NO idea which MAC collections are out or upcoming so I am going to browse all the boards. How have you all been?
  12. Vicky88

    Make up for this outfit?

    Okay, this is what I am planning to wear for the New Years Eve party I am going to but I am unsure on what to do about make up? I was thinking about a black with slight navy smokey eye and just natural pink glossy lips but I'm not sure so...
  13. Vicky88

    My MAC dream

    I had this dream last week... I went to MAC in London to exchance some empties for a B2M l/s and I was talking to the MA and she said "Would you be interested in something else instead?" So I was like "Maybe, what ya got?" Then she gave me the Zandra Rhodes palette which was apparently...
  14. Vicky88

    Suprise weight loss and a question!

    As some of you may know (if you read the fitness journal I started) I started eating healthily roughly two months ago... but after a while, I stopped losing weight. I don't think I was quite as motivated so my good habits slipped. However, I didn't put on any weight, I just stayed the same. But...
  15. Vicky88

    Hair style help

    Would this ( suit someone with a round/chubby face?
  16. Vicky88


    I have heard very good things about pilates so I was thinking of getting a DVD or something. But I heard it's very easy to do wrong, so would it be better for me to go to a class or something instead of a dvd?
  17. Vicky88

    Hope it's okay to post this here...

    since I'm not actually pregnant myself but my mum is!!! We found out a while ago but I never thought to post on here! She has a 2 year old at the moment who is pretty much my life so I am SOO excited for this second (third?) pregnancy. She had a miscarriage a a few months ago, so we were all...
  18. Vicky88

    Real names on forums

    Do you guys prefer your real names being used or do you prefer being known by your username on here? On another forum I use, there are a select few of really active members (myself inclued) and we are quite a close bunch so we all know eachothers names and have nicknames for eachother etc. but...
  19. Vicky88

    MAC Price List

    Can anyone tell me a site which shows the prices for MAC Pro products in the US/UK. I want to know how much a blushcreme PAN is in the UK and in the US. TIA
  20. Vicky88

    Lucky Green

    I have a BNIB (tested SOOO lightly once, so not quite BINB) Lucky Green. I bought it as as back up but as much as I love the colour, I don't use it that often. I know it's not one of the few that will sell for like $50, but I am assuming it's more then retail? Can anyone help me out?