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  1. VaJenna

    hair straighteners

    i just bought the FHI ceramic tourmeline straightener, and was debating on getting the CHI straightener instead .. (the one i got was pink) has anyone used the FHI straightener? i just want to know any opinions. thansk
  2. VaJenna

    My Feet Hurt!

    ill post a color pic when they're not so bloody.
  3. VaJenna

    kinda smokey with a toothbrush!

    print,trax,bagatelle,some cheap black and vanilla mint toothpaste!! blue absinthe,casino,honeylust,rich ground fluidline. merp, i just really like the toothbrush picture ahahahah.
  4. VaJenna


    i was a dead little red riding hood, and then i did the dudes makeup cuz he wanted to be some 80's hair metal.. i decided he was tommy lee ahhaa. all these pictures were craptastic because they were taken a few hours after later, after wandering around state street trying to keep 8 very...
  5. VaJenna

    Insensitive friends?

    just need to rant a bit, because i can't do it on my livejournal that they all read. my roommate committed suicide on august 26th. the day i found out, i was with a friend, and she was so amazing, there for me and everything. but besides that, my supposed best friends didn't really offer any...
  6. VaJenna

    gorgeous gold/print

    ummm i used bare canvas paint corn s/s gorgeous gold e/s print e/s blitz and glitz fluidline lancome definicils mascara i think thats it.
  7. VaJenna


    i just had to say that i got my first facial today (for free mind you) plus a brow wax and i swear, i wish i could get a facial everyday. it was so amazing, brought all my stupid pimples to the surface. she wants to do a peel on me next week yay! thank god its my roommates mom and i don't have...
  8. VaJenna

    pigments are love

    i got some pigments in the mail, so i played. and then my batteries died, so you just get shitty pics. <3 i used: bare canvas paint golden olive pigment melon pigment provence pigment unorthodox e/s teddy eye kohl l'oreal mascara duwop lip venom in clear the end.
  9. VaJenna

    first FOTD be niiice!

    this is my first FOTD on specktra. be nice hehe. and my classic "asshole" face face: some random moisturizer eyes: shimma paint stroke of midnight on outer lid cranberry on inner lid/outer lid pink papillion and rio de rosa as a little highlight on lid shroom as brow highlight...
  10. VaJenna

    i need new hair color ideas

    badly. i'm sick of my hair, kinda. and my roots are growing in horribly. right now i have black hair, with blonde, red, and a lighter brown color highlights( i guess thats what you'd call them, but they're in the second layer of my hair) i'm thinking about maybe going and doing a lot more...
  11. VaJenna

    and another newbieeeeeeee

    yes, i'm new too, figured i'd actually sign up since i've been lurking for awhile now. so yeah. hi.