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  1. nico

    How to create this look

    Can you help me creating this look ? What products to use ? Thanks
  2. nico

    MAC in Turkey

    We need our own thread ,don't we Anyway CoC will be available here on Monday . Looking forward to it
  3. nico

    #20 or #38 ?

    I want to buy false lashes for outer corners.Which one do you think is better : #20 or #38 ? I don't want a dramatic look.
  4. nico

    MAC lashes for a natural look?

    I'm looking for MAC lashes that are suitable for daily wear.I've just looked the MAC website but I don't know which one to choose.Which one would you recommend me?
  5. nico

    Shadestick produced in 2004

    I posted this in " Shadesticks to be discontinued " thread but nobody answered Anyway here is my question I bought Corn shadestick at the Pro store and then I saw the batch number and realized it was produced in 2004 I haven't opened it yet .Do you think I should exchange it or I should keep it ?
  6. nico

    Schwarzkopf Straight Therapy

    Has anyone tried Schwarzkopf Straight Therapy ? Does it really work ? Does it damage hair ?