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  1. Tessigrl

    Help me find this handbag please...

    I love love love this handbag, must find it Attachment 6164 thanks
  2. Tessigrl

    Dervish Lipliner

    Is there a cremestick liner that closely resembles Dervish? I love the way it looks but hate the way the normal liners go on. Thanks
  3. Tessigrl

    Corps de Couleur Quad Question

    Where is this being sold? Anywhere online? Sorry if this is in the wrong area...
  4. Tessigrl

    Christina Aguilera UK Glamour

    I think she looks gorgeous in these pictures. Anyone have any ideas on what colors she is wearing on her face???
  5. Tessigrl

    Elisha Cuthbert hairstyle

    How would you get your hair to style like this? i have the haircut, now I need to figure out how to get the style down...
  6. Tessigrl

    Employment at Sephora

    Does anyone work at Sephora? I was wondering how much they start the pay? I live in California so I know it would probably be different for the states.
  7. Tessigrl

    Help with Studio Fix Liquid color

    So I really want to try the new Studio Fix Liquid that came out, but not sure if I should get NW15 or NC15, so here is a picture, let me know what you all think.... thanks
  8. Tessigrl

    Fresh Buzz

    So I saw the thread about Floribundi and it's getting a lot of love, but what do you all think about Fresh Buzz? I bought it and am having a hard time getting it to look ok on me. So what are your thoughts on it and how do you wear it?
  9. Tessigrl

    Culturebloom eyeshadow comparisons

    Please let me know if this has been posted or if it should go somewhere else, but I am wondering if Spring Up, Lavender Sky and Iris Print compare to any other MAC eyeshadows, before I go and purchase them. Thanks
  10. Tessigrl

    MAC discount code

    Does anyone have a free shipping code for MAC online????
  11. Tessigrl

    Similar colors...

    Sorry if this is the wrong area for this question, but does anyone know of a lipstick that would be close to the Urban Decay pleather pencil in naked? It's my favorite and I would rather have it in lipstick form. thanks
  12. Tessigrl

    Lingerie l/s vs. Punkin l/s

    What do you all think, are they similar? I have punkin and don't want to get lingerie unless they are different.... thanks
  13. Tessigrl

    How to with Bangs

    Ok, I have bangs, but they are kind of off to the side and I have a cowlick in the middle, which most of the time is tamed. But I really want my bangs to lie flat down like I've seen on a lot of girls lately and I am just not sure how to get them that way, how short I should cut them, what kind...
  14. Tessigrl

    Maroon vs Ruby Red Pigment

    Are these 2 colors similar? I paid for Ruby Red pigment, but I think I got Maroon instead...
  15. Tessigrl

    Makeup that makes you smile :)

    Do you ever just put on something and it makes you smile? That is how I feel about Isabella Blow, I am totally in love with this color and I never thought I would like it so much. It's like POW, here I am with my pretty lips!!! Just thought I would share...
  16. Tessigrl

    Rebelrose vs. Blow

    Will someone compare these 2 for me, I know one is matte and the other is a Lustre, but are they similar in color at all? Thanks Tessa
  17. Tessigrl


    I know this is an old color, but does anyone have pictures of them wearing Underworld from the Tempt me collection?
  18. Tessigrl

    Lipstick advice

    So I am a NC15 and have been loving the Russian Red lipstick but not sure if it will work on me and I'm too lazy to go to a MAC store right now. But I have a few B2M's and will eventually get off my but to go check it out, any other recommendations would be helpful. Thanks
  19. Tessigrl


    Can someone give me some pointers for blending my eye shadows, I hate when you can see where one starts and one ends and have seen so many of you do really great blending and wonder what you use and how you do it. Thanks
  20. Tessigrl

    Brush Help

    What is the best brush to use to get the outter v look?