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  1. enigmatic

    OPI at grocery stores?!

    I ran into Luckys to grab a pack of cotton rounds and when I looked down, there was an OPI nail polish there! I looked around to see where it came from and there was a small display with several different colors. When I was checking out, the checker asked where I found them because she didn't...
  2. enigmatic

    calling all experts. i've got a prom dilemma!

    I'm doing my best friends makeup for prom. I've never done prom makeup before but I thought I'd give it a try, so I'm really excited. She's fair, blue eyes, blonde hair. I haven't seen her dress yet but she did tell me that it's red. Her accessories will be silver but limited because her dress...
  3. enigmatic

    What to pair with Blankety?

    First thread, sorry if it's in the wrong place. (: I bought Blankety awhile back because I loved the swatches that I saw. I do love the lipstick but unfortunately, it doesn't show up the way I want it to. I'm really pale and my lips are extremely pigmented. Blankety is barely two shades lighter...