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  1. keithmack

    Can't get pregnant

    Hello all I've had irregular menstrual cycles since my teens. I was put on the pill and they become regular. But now I've met my hubby and we want to have a family, I've come off the pill and they have gone irregular again! Has anyone found anything that can help regulate their cycles and...
  2. keithmack

    air Fryer

    I want to buy the best quality air fryer. any suggestions on name brands and what to look for? I have been reading about the ionic breeze quadra and it is very pricey. I am willing to pay for a good one, but is it really necessary? thanks, guys.
  3. keithmack

    Tens unit for back pain

    From last few days, I'm feeling pain in back. I've heard about tens units work great for this kind pain. Has anyone used a TENS unit for back pain? Does it help? Thanks for any suggestions...
  4. keithmack

    Best Blender for crushing ice easily?

    I've on my 2nd blender that sucks, It takes for ever to break up ice.So I want to get a new that is efficient and not real expensive. Please post your suggestions Thanks
  5. keithmack

    Small space treadmill

    Hi guys! I'm looking for another treadmill for my little place house and wondering if any of you can help me. I used weslo cardiostride 4.0 treadmill before. I'm looking for something that does not take much space. I looked around places and all they had was huge, big and I do not want it. So, I...
  6. keithmack

    Self-tanning lotions

    I bought a tanning salon inside. Not cheap. They sell $ 50.00 per bottle but I got it for $ 35.00. Every time I take one of my colleagues say envious "see all tan". I was not in the sun and I was not in tanning bed. When I am not using lotion, I still have a very light dyeing effect, very soft...
  7. keithmack

    Default How to best manage blemishes?

    How to best manage blemishes? With a lower-glycemic-load diet? A dermatologist prescribed Noviderm’s cleansing cream to little effect.