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  1. dolcedaniela

    Flat Iron VS. Blow dryer

    I have really curly hair, and I love curly and wavy hair but mine is unmanageable so most of the time I use a flat iron so I don't have to worry that my hair will go from curly to clownish. I wanted to know which is less damaging on the hair for styling - a flat iron or blow dryer? Assuming...
  2. dolcedaniela

    Gentle Skincare products and lines! Your favorites?

    I want to know about any gentle skincare or natural skincare lines you know of that will help clear up skin or maintain your skin and keep it supple, smooth and clear. If you know any lines or products that rock your world let me know! Because acne has really messed up mine. I would really...
  3. dolcedaniela

    Cosmetics! Do you break out or stay clear

    Lets talk Cosmetics and BREAK OUTS (also known as pimples, blemishes, zits, acne, f*$%#%#$) What cosmetics have you noticed break you out?? What cosmetics keep your face clear? I wanna know!! <3
  4. dolcedaniela

    Lighting & Makeup! Help!!

    Have you ever done your makeup in the house, only to go out and see that your makeup looks completely different in the daylight!! - terrible and uneven and you can see each and every imperfection. Suddenly your flawless face is very flawed... What kind of lighting would be best to do my makeup...
  5. dolcedaniela

    Acne and Makeup - HELP!!

    I have had somewhat mild outbreaks of acne, I need a long lasting foundation/powder that is not going to break me out and will cover all my acne and acne scars - I want to look flawless - as do most of us - but this is all very new to me and I don't know how to handle it. I desperately need a...
  6. dolcedaniela

    Laura Mercier Flawless Face

    Laura Mercier - makeup for those who want to look flawless!!! I need advice, I want to try a laura mercier foundation, because I have uneven skintone, normal-dry or dry-combination skin and lots of break outs and acne scars to cover!! First choice Laura Mercier silk creme foundation Long...
  7. dolcedaniela

    MUFE - Face & Body or HD Foundation?

    Makeup Forever has beautiful cosmetics Do you prefer MUFE Face & Body foundation, or their new HD foundation. Which and Why?
  8. dolcedaniela

    Get Loose ; Your favorite loose powder?!

    I have used Mac for a long time for all my powder/foundation needs, it's great for night wear because it can look a little heavy especially under the sun, What is your favorite loose powder?! NARS VS. Make up forever loose powders (VS your favorite?)
  9. dolcedaniela

    I NEED a new foundation!! help a girl out <3

    *** I really need advice on a good foundation and powder duo!!! The two teamed up should give my uneven face a flawless complexion till the end of the day, maybe I'll even glow a little! I usually need medium to heavy coverage to achieve that flawless look a Meticulous Make up artist needs...