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  1. natashaish

    Spring Break haul

    I totally wasn't expecting to go shopping today. I'm supposed to be saving money for my macbook pro but the past 3 weeks of school have been insane and I've been working really hard. So, what the hell, I *sorta* deserved this. I'm so happy with everything I got. Especially the...
  2. natashaish

    Z Palettes?

    I'm looking for a good palette and I'm interested in getting the Z Palette. How does this compare to the MAC and Unii palettes? Do you recommend them?
  3. natashaish

    Hey there!

    I've been lurking for a few days and I decided to make an account! I've recently gotten into MAC and I think I'm addicted! Just wanted to say hi to all you lovely ladies out there :)