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  1. EOTD-Fanny

    I want dupes for Juiced e/s, any brand!

    My beloved eye shadow Juiced (MAC) is almost finished. Since it´s an old eye shadow, it´s hard to get a new one. So I´m thinking about buying a similar eye shadow instead. So is there any dupes for Juiced? It doesn´t matter which brand it is. I really love the colour of...
  2. EOTD-Fanny

    Christmas gifts + Après Chic haul

    Hi guys! Here´s what I got for christmas: Da Bling / MAC e/s *Nice to blend with* Brun / MAC e/s *I love this one!* Tan / MAC pigment *My first pigment!* Shanghai Spice / MAC l/s *Lovely MLBB-Shade* Die Another Day / OPI nailpolish Mini body...
  3. EOTD-Fanny

    FRESHWATER *With eye shadows from MAC only*

    Here´s the latest look on my beautyblog. A very simple, colourful look. It´s not perfect, but who cares? ;) I wish I had brown eyes for this look. Sorry for the blurry picture! Products I used: Primer: Eye Base from BeYu Eye shadows: Freshwater...
  4. EOTD-Fanny

    LAVENDER AND PEACH *With eye shadows from MAC only*

    Here´s the latest look on my beautyblog. I love the colours! :) It´s kinda messy, though. It was a little too dark in my apartment. (And it looks better IRL, trust me!) But I like it anyway! :) Products I used: Primer: Eye Base from BeYu Eye shadows...
  5. EOTD-Fanny

    Make Up Store Blush East

    East is a bright red, matte blush. Looks good as an eyeshadow. I usally use it in eye makeups. From the swedish brand Make Up Store. East is easy to work with, it goes on smoothly.
  6. EOTD-Fanny

    SMOKEY SEAGREEN *With eye shadows from MAC only*

    Here´s the latest look on my blog: The colours are not 100% accurate. Bad camera, sorry! ^^ Products I used: Primer: Eye Base from BeYu Eye shadows: Carbon, Club, Steamy and Dazzlelight from MAC Eye pencil: Khôl in 81. Noir from Yves Rocher Mascara: Plush...
  7. EOTD-Fanny

    My countryhouse *pic-heavy*

    I want to show you my cute little cottage. (Or, well it´s not really mine, it´s my mothers... Ok, so it´s almost mine) It´s a small, red house, very typical for Sweden. It´s only 40 sqauremeters, but the yard is pretty large. The oldest part is around 200 years old...
  8. EOTD-Fanny

    About prizes

    One simple question... :) Is MAC cheaper in USA/Canada if you compare to Europe?
  9. EOTD-Fanny

    Help please! Name the eyeshadows in the Dynamic Duos!

    Hi guys! ^^ Does anybody know the names of the eyeshadows in the Dynamic Duos (Reel Sexy)? I know that Crystal and Royale are in Dynamic Duo 2 and that Feather Pink and Spellcaster are in Dynamic Duo 4. I would be great if you could help me with the others. I want to know...
  10. EOTD-Fanny

    EOTD Sumptious Olive and Deep Truth

    The latest look on my blog. :) Products I used: Primer: Eye Base from BeYu Eye shadows: Sumptious Olive, Woodwinked, All that Glitters, Dazzlelight and Deep Truth from MAC Eye pencil: Crayon Khôl Noir from Luminelle, Yves Rocher Mascara: Volume Mascara Blue...
  11. EOTD-Fanny

    EOTD Violet and Seagreen

    From my beautyblog! :) The colours are not 100% (bad camera), but I decided to show you this anyway. I love violet and seagreen together! The colours are not perfect. I have a cheap camera. Products I used: Primer: Eye Base from BeYu Eye...
  12. EOTD-Fanny

    My small collection of eyeshadows from MAC! <3

    Here´s my tiny collection of eyeshadows from my favorite brand - MAC! I don´t have so much yet. I live far away from the nearest MAC-counter and I don´t have so much money. But my collection is growing! First picture: Sumptious Olive, Woodwinked, All That...
  13. EOTD-Fanny

    Dupes for Jealousy Wakes?

    I really love the e/s Jealousy Wakes (I want it soo bad), but I can´t get it (at least not in Sweden). Does anybody know if there´s any dupes?
  14. EOTD-Fanny

    Sabrina again!

    Here´s another picture of my beloved cat Sabrina! <3
  15. EOTD-Fanny

    E.LF´s nail polish?

    Have anyone tried the nail polish from E.L.F? Are they good? Worth buying?
  16. EOTD-Fanny

    MAC in Glasgow?

    Do they sell can MAC in Glasgow? If so, where? My mother is going on vacation to in december. Since I live in a small town, I don´t get som many changes to buy make up from Mac. I will give her a list with products I want. (I´m sorry if the grammar is wrong, I´m...
  17. EOTD-Fanny


    This is my beautiful cat Sabrina! I love her so much!!!
  18. EOTD-Fanny

    MUFE in Sweden?

    Does anybody know if you can buy Make up forever in Sweden? I´ve never tried the brand, but I really want to.
  19. EOTD-Fanny

    When did you lose your MAC-virginity?

    I´m new here, so I´m not sure where to post this. But I´m gonna ask this anyway. When did you lose your MAC-virginity? I was 16 y/o (2004) and I didn´t have so much money. So it was a very big deal to me. I knew about the brand, and I was excited to try it. I bought...