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  1. BloopBloop

    Have both monolid & double lid x_X

    Does anyone else have this problem? My left eye is a monolid and the right eye has a double lid... its so frustrating to make my eye makeup look even, because then one eye looks smaller than the other!!
  2. BloopBloop

    New haircut + FOTD (rawr) PIC HEAVY

    So i went and chopped off my long hair with the help of my trusty fashionista guy-friend who is more of a girl than me =[ hehee check my last fotd for some sneak peaks of my old do. Oh and if i can get some brutally honest constructive criticism, that would be awesome. thanks =] Face: Studio...
  3. BloopBloop

    Pre-payday Shopping

    <-- is how i felt when i got home today. 2 blushes, 8 shadows, and a lipliner in a pear tree.. i figure i'd build up a green palette since i had an empty one here =] Blush: Mocha Sunbasque Eyeshadow: bamboo swiss chocolate nylon amber lights steamy shimmermoss club sumptuous olive Lipliner...
  4. BloopBloop

    It's really funny, cause i got your F*n money

    Oh gosh, im going to return this new foundation i hate it! I got better lighting this time... now i just need a better camera LOL. Blackground was sitting there waiting to be used, and it actually looks hot with stars n rockets over it. Damn camera didnt pick it up in the photo though Im...
  5. BloopBloop

    sugar sugar, you are my candy girl!

    So... ths is the second haul thread for me this week. i went to mac to ask them to match me to a studio sculpt foundation shade... ONLY. I was there with my friend and when she started buying... i went on my own and started touring the store... and here's what i came up with: SugarSweet...
  6. BloopBloop

    So I needed a fix...

    or two... =P these are my purchases from the last 2 weeks both in store and on specktra. I finally finished my neutral palette =D MAC: Studio Sculpt (may need to exchange this one) Blunt, Well-Dressed, BlushBaby, DollyMix Blot Powder Brushes: 242, 217, 224 Shy Girl cremesheen, wonderstruck...
  7. BloopBloop

    My Mac brushes are loosening up

    So im checkin out my brushes and ive noticed that the metal part of my 222, 226, and 187 babies are loose. i feel a slight wiggle. the 187 i use a lot, but i dont use it for foundation or anything heavy, just a light dusting of blush. as for my 222, i use the 217 and 224 WAY more and theyre...
  8. BloopBloop

    Specktra Mobile

    I know of some forums that allow internet-ready cell phones to reformat the layout to suit the size. I was hoping of a mobile feature for specktra as well. pretty please? =]
  9. BloopBloop

    Night time in New York

    My sister's new camera, still dunno how to work this bloody thing. Sometimes it takes pictures light, and other times dark.. hence the different lightings in the pics. Sorry bout the lighting, no day light because... ITS NIGHT TIME! lol My first FOTD Eyes: Soft Ochre pp Budding...
  10. BloopBloop

    First quad, and finally organized

    I've just started collecting MAC and finally got to a point in my room where i needed to organize my stash. Thankfully my fabulous mom noticed and gave me a little present ^_^ usually i'd throw all my stuff into a drawer and dig into them when i needed to. Now everything is out and organized and...
  11. BloopBloop

    Summer is near, time to change foundation!

    I've already done a search on this with keywords: liquid, powder, and foundation, and nothing popped up that answers my question. if anyone's found a thread like this, please post that link. Now off to the question! The summer season is the worst for my, i've got oily skin and i know that if i...
  12. BloopBloop

    Too Faced: Sun Bunny brownzing compact

    i purchased this last year because the MA made it look great on my friend and I. I've been using it alot recently and found that it made my skin break out. Has this happened to anyone else?
  13. BloopBloop

    They thought i was stealing

    urgh, this happened yesterday and its been bothering me! I went into the mac store with my bestie to purchase my second 226 brush and a brush cleaner, exchange a bad 134 for another one, and return an old foundation that wasnt my color. I walk in and one of the MAs gives me a strange stare as...
  14. BloopBloop

    Store account/profile?

    The other day the associate at the soho store asked for my name and email at the checkout counter, she said it was to keep a little profile of previous purchases. I told her i probably had one online and she said it didnt show.. i was never asked at the flatiron store or macys counters before...
  15. BloopBloop

    Shopping Nars Online

    Has anyone shopped on the NARS website before? I bought the blush duo in torrid/albatross last week and ive been checking up on the status of my order and it doesnt say that its been processed or shipped yet. Ive never waited this long for an order online to be processed before. Just wondering...
  16. BloopBloop

    What Mirror Are You Using?

    Random, i know.. but i just wanted to know if anyone here used lighted mirrors- and which brand/model. I've been looking online at some mirrors and the Conair lighted mirrors pop up the most, but when i looked at reviews consumers raved at the mirror but complained that replacement bulbs were...
  17. BloopBloop

    Which way is Specktra Ave?

    Im tuning in from NYC and I hope im in the right place to learn and grow as a beauty princess Now if only i can find my ruby slippers....