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  1. iluffyew769769

    Breaking Dawn FOTN

    I'm going to the release of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer tonight! So i decided to do 'vampire-inspired' make-up All MAC (unless noted) Eyes: Pixel Paint Blacktrack Fluidline Lark About Pigment Cloud Burst e/s Naked Pigment 3D Glitter Too Faced - Lash Injection Lips: Fast Thrill l/s Wild...
  2. iluffyew769769

    This Weekends little Project!

    I found this dresser for sale this weekend and decided to fix it up! Before: After:
  3. iluffyew769769

    Today's Haul (Pro)

    I got my little black "MAC Pro" Box today!! Pigments: Green Space, Chartreuse, Clear Blue Sky, Full Force Violet, Grape, Rock-It Yellow, Magenta Madness, Red Electric, Electric Coral, Neo-Orange, Acid Orange, Dusty Coral Expensive Pink Pro Pan, Mixing Medium Eyeliner, 187 and 212 Brushes...
  4. iluffyew769769

    Sunburn Help!

    This weekend I went to the lake and got the worst sunburn of my life! I can't walk without it hurting. I read the suggestions for aloe and milk, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas... TIA
  5. iluffyew769769


    They opened a MAC Counter 5 min from my house! I got Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Black Ore Solar Bits, Electro Sky Paint pot, Pharaoh Paint Pot, and Other Worldly Paint Pot.
  6. iluffyew769769

    B2M + Cool Heat + 15% off = :)

    I went haulin' today! I have 24 empties so I got: Total $45!
  7. iluffyew769769

    Solar Bits?

    I hate the texture of these... But I am not sure if I am using them right? How does everyone use them are they easier to apply with a mixing medium? I would love suggestions, because they are pretty colors, and I don't want to sell them!
  8. iluffyew769769

    Have You Ever? (Adult Edition)

    I'm extremely bored!! So I decided to start a have you ever thread.... You just have to answer the question above you and then post a new one. Have you ever... had sex in a public place?
  9. iluffyew769769

    Paint Pot Smell?

    I bought my first ever paint pot yesterday and it smells like paint... is that normal? I just ask because none of my paints smell
  10. iluffyew769769

    Do People Think They Can Actually Get Money For Bags?

    SEXY HOT LIMITED EDITION MAC HOT PLASTIC BAG CHEAP - eBay (item 220240745920 end time Jun-05-08 17:10:17 PDT) ^ Found this on eBay...
  11. iluffyew769769

    Pigment Storage!!!

    I finally found a solution to my pigment storage problem that works for me! (I have had my pigments in little plastic drawers for years and it always made it hard to see them when I was looking for a color... NOT ANYMORE!!!) I found this little Asian nail salon supply place right around the...
  12. iluffyew769769

    The Nines Movie

    So I was bored on Friday Night and Went to Blockbuster to see if anything interesting had come out. I came across a Ryan Reynolds movie I ad never Heard of. The Nines. So I started watching it this morning. (I'm about 30 min in to it) It is actually really good. If you like those obscure movies...
  13. iluffyew769769

    Does MAC sell their stands?

    I found this one on eBay: RARE MAC COSMETICS lipglass counter display tower nars - eBay (item 170224177296 end time Jun-03-08 17:05:52 PDT) It is a Lipglass Tower... If it is legit I would want to order it, What do y'all think?
  14. iluffyew769769

    My "I had a bad day/summer school finals are tomorrow" Haul!

    (Not Pictured - All 4 Solar Bits)
  15. iluffyew769769

    This Week's Haul

    Black Ore - Solar Bits Bronzescape - Solar Bits Scatterays - Solar Bits Sunpower - Solar Bit Very Pink - Reflects Transparent Teal - Reflects Gold - Reflects Mutiny - Pigment Bell-Bottom Blue - Pigment Lark About - Pigment Illegal Cargo - e/s They should all be here by Friday! I can't wait!!!
  16. iluffyew769769

    My Collection ♥

    This is my first post. I thought it would be appropriate to post my obsession. Enjoy! My Collection... As You can probably tell I have a huge pigment problem. I just ordered the 3 New Nautical Pigments (I already had the Lovely Lily Pigment)