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    Bold Winged Eyeliner Makeup Look

    Hi all! Haven't been posting here in a long while, but I wanted to share my todays look with you! :) Products I used: Gatineau Therapie Marine Emulsion Eveline art scenic makeup base Revlon Vital Radiance Concealer in 02 light-medium MAC Face&Body (NW20 or...
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    Simple Halloween Look - Dark Fairy makeup!

    I don't usually create such looks because here we don't really have Halloween parties, but here's an idea for Halloween. It's actually really simple and still effective. Unfortunately, my hair isn't even nearly long and dark, so I did what I could with her. Click on pictures to see them in...
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    * Bright Green Summer Look FOTD *

    This is my 3rd entry for Sigma Makeup Summer Contest that I made yesterday, and here's what I used: EA Intervene #02 Soft Shell Catrice Mineral Compact Powder #110 Light Beige ArtDeco Illuminator NYX Jumbo Pencil – Milk TMM pigments – Centaur, Envy, Eleanor Meow Cosmetics pigment – miw...
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    'I love summer' FOTDs!

    So, here are my 2 looks I created these days. The 1st one was created for MUFE Rouge Artist contest on facebook and the 2nd one for Sigma Summer Contest, also on facebook. 1st look - EA Intervene #02 Soft Shell foundation - MAC Full Fuchsia lipstick - Bed Head Tigi Palette for Cool People...
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    How To: applying eyeliner

    So, this is my 1st tutorial ever here and I hope it will be of some use to you guys. Here is a short and simple tutorial on how to apply gel/liquid eyeliner the easiest way. You'll need: - pencil eyeliner - gel/liquid eyeliner - eyeliner brush if you're using gel eyeliner I used: - BeYu...
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    * I just can't get away from green *

    So, I haven't put makeup on my face for quite some time and yesterday I was a bit in the mood for makeup so here is my look: FACE Meow Pumpered Puss foundation - Chausie Naughty MAC Blooming EYES catrice e/s base MAC Penny s/s Manhattan LE e/s (don't remember the number) ArtDeco...
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    FOTD: Today I'm all about BLUE!!!

    Today I'm all about blue for a change and hope you'll like it! Thanks for watching!!! USED: Shiseido SV Meow Pampered Puss - Frisky Chausie catrice Light Burgundy blush Sephora highlighter catrice e/s base EL Black Pearl shadestick Fyrinnae Biker Chic pigment Fyrinnae...
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    Today I'm feelin' PINK! EOTD

    Well, this is me for the 1st time using any kind of pink colour so please be gentle I never thought that pink could look good on yellow-green eyes but it actually does; atleast I like it. USED EL black pearl shadestick Pure Luxe Ouch! i OMG! pigments Black Out gel liner essence multi...
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    2 EOTD's: Forest Green and Yellow/Purple look

    This one is from saturday, I really love MAC! catrice e/s base Estee Lauder Black Pearl Shadestick MAC Gilded Green pigment MAC Forest Green pigment HR Extravagant mascara Morgana Minerals Gel liner - black This one is from last week, I was trying something out with yellow and...
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    'Golden Olive + Deep Purple' FOTD

    So, I gotta go to brothers school, some meeting so I've put one some makeup, look like a ghost without it. Light - outside: Light beside the window: Closer look: My face: EYES MAC Shadestick Penny MAC Golden Olive MAC Deep Purple MAC Deep Blue Green essence bamascara base +...
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    FOTD after a long time + new haircut!

    Here I am after a really LONG time and hope you like my new haircut I really it! LICE Vichy Aqualua Thermal Serum L'occitane almond-apple Shiseido SV HR Magic Concealer Oriflame T-balance Foundation EYES MAC Shadestick Penny MAC Golden Olive MAC Chocolate Brown MAC Old Gold...
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    My 'pure' and simple Valentine look :D

    I know that it's not Valentine's yet, but on another forum we have theme contests and this is my look. Nothink special, really simple as it could be. FACE Shiseido SV Meow Pampered Puss Mineral Foundatin - Frisky Chausie BeYu concealer MAC Petticoat EYES BeYu liquid dip...
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    Lumiere Cosmetics - swatches

    Here are some swatches I made this morning. I really like their products and I'm sure I'll order some more stuff from them Hope you like them!
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    *huge* haul + Christmas presents!

    All this stuff is from october/november, something like that: Lumiere stuff e.l.f. stuff Meow stuff TMM pigments Fyrinnae pigments MAC pigments Lipglosses Lipsticks eyeshadows and eyeliners from Sephora Revlon A Florar Affair blushes few more...
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    Brown rhapsody FOTD

    Flash killed a bit my foundation color, there isn't such difference between my face and neck color. FACE Gatineau Therapie Marine Emulsion Shiseido SV HR Spectacular HR Magic Concealer BLUSH Deborah Hi Tech Silver Rose blush EYES catrice e/s base Vampires Lust pigment Meow Dusk...
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    Halloween FOTD (Inspiration: MAC face chart)

    So, here's my try of this face chart: And this is me: I USED: essence multiaction mascara nee black eyeliner Pure Luxe Ouch! pigment Fyrinnae Cherry Frosting Thanks for watching!!!
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    *Simple and natural everyday look* FOTD

    FACE Gatineau Therapie Marine Shiseido Smoothing Veil HR Magic Concealer Chanel Mat Lumiere Deborah Hi Tech blush - Silver Rose EYES Be:Yu purple eyeliner Sephora metallic eyeliner - prune/auburgine HR Extravagant mascara LIPS Vaseline
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    *My older looks - eyes only* - PIC HEAVY! (9 different looks)

    This is before I had all these great brushes and e/s bases I'm using now and these photos were taken with my old camera so most of photos are a bit weird colored, but I think that colors are realistic. 1. No name purple eyeshadow, nee black eyeliner, don't remember which mascara was this. 2...
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    Green rhapsody FOTD

    Face Gatineau Therapie Marine Shiseido SV HR Spectacular HR magic concealer Deborah Silver Rose blush Eyes catrice e/s base MAC Forest Green & Golden Olive Fyrinnae Boy Toy HR Extravagant mascara Be:Yu black eyeliner Lips vaseline
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    Pure purple look - my very 1st FOTD!

    FACE Shiseido Smoothing Veil Manhattan Wake-up Concealer Meow Pampered Puss Foundation - Chausie Naughty EYES catrice e/s base MAC Violet pigment (inner lid, applied wet) Fyrinnae Changelling pigment (outer lid, applied wet) Be:Yu liquid eyeliner - black HR Extravagant mascara CHEEKS Deborah...