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  1. deadSAVVY

    someday I'll get it FOTD

    This is what my face wore today nothing too extravegant... CC is very much appreciated and welcomed! Face: prep+Prime Studio Tech Foundation (rematched) Studio Finish concealer loose Blot Powder springsheen + Dollymix blush Goldspill msf Eyes: Beige-ing shadestick vanilla pigment...
  2. deadSAVVY

    Face/foundation help

    Hi ladies and gents! Well as you know from my previous FOTD I've been having issues with finding the right shade of foundation and such. I was recently matched up as an NW40 for concealer (which is perfect) and NC50 for foundation, but it comes out way too dark on my face. Currently I'm just...
  3. deadSAVVY

    been awhile =]

    This would be my 2nd FOTD? I've been busy *sorry for the pic size too* Face: Prep+Prime Studio Tech Studio Finish concealer Blot Powder Dollymix Honour eyes: Bare canvas wet n wild white kohl e/l Dazzlelight Blacktied Hottopic red e/s Silver Fog Pigment feline k/p blacktrack f/l Loreal...
  4. deadSAVVY

    1st FOTD

    Hi guys! Never done this before but I love this site and want to join in the fun. =) CC is appreciated! What I used:MAC Bare Canvas Paint Dazzlelight e/s Blue calm e/s Flashtrack e/s Feline k/l Springsheen blush Goldspill msf Revlon Blackest Black l/l Loreal Volume Shocking My face was...
  5. deadSAVVY

    greetings from nowhere PA!

    Hey all! I'm new to Specktra and have been lurking for quite some time now..oops! I guess I'm a lil shy but I'm sooo missing out on the fun! I have nothing to do out here in Harrisville Pennsylvania but be a computer nerd. Well anywho Specktra saves me from boredom, I love all the tutorials too...