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  1. tfisher07

    Ben Bye Powders

    I know the banana powder gets all the hype, but I am more fair complected and think that it would be too yellow. I tend to run in the light beige colors of foundations and considered the cameo color in its place. Someone then mentioned that one is too pink. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. tfisher07

    Hair Mask

    Is there a good dupe for the Macademia hair mask? I really can't bring myself to pay $30.
  3. tfisher07

    Full Coverage Mineral Powder?

    I used to use mineral makeup before I really got in to makeup. My favorite was the Everyday Minerals line that you can only get online, because it didn't have any oils in it so my face wasn't shiny. But especially with summer up I want another option other than foundation, but still like full...
  4. tfisher07

    Paint Pot Dupes

    I'm ISO paint pot dupes. I've tried the maybelline color tattoo which I generally think are in the right direction. But when they're applied they're kind of shimmery looking and I want a matte finish. Any recommendations?
  5. tfisher07

    Shy Girl Dupe?

    Anyone have a dupe for Shy Girl?
  6. tfisher07

    Japanese Cosmetics?

    Anyone know of any Japanese cosmetics that are good to use and don't have any skin lightening ingredients in them?
  7. tfisher07

    Overnight Curlers?

    Does anyone with long and thick hair use overnight curlers? I'm looking for something I can actually sleep in that really work.
  8. tfisher07

    Brush Set Help-Morphe, Sigma, shaanxo

    I want to purchase a good makeup brush set. I have a lot of brushes varying from a multitude of sellers. I still seem to be a pretty loyal Sigma fan but recently I have been doing some research on Morphe and shaanxo brushes. Has anyone tried them or have another set they would recommend?
  9. tfisher07

    Blush Help

    Hi all- I need a good blush that is more pinky toned, not Barbie pink, or coral. It HAS to be completely matte with zero shimmer. And it needs to have good color payoff, so not something light. I definitely need something that shows up. I'm purchasing online and will not have access to the...
  10. tfisher07

    Drugstore Foundation Routine-HELP!

    I am in dire search of a new drugstore foundation. I do wear a medium to full coverage foundation every day, so I go through them rather quickly. To save on money I would like to find a more affordable option. I have oily and acne prone skin and prefer a matte finish. I am currently testing the...
  11. tfisher07

    Help! MAC Foundation for Oily Skin

    I am on the search for MAC foundation. I have minimal MAC products but love the prolongwear concealer and the cover FX powder above all. I have oily and acne prone skin and prefer a medium to full coverage. I also prefer a matte finish and it needs to stand the test of heat and some sweat as I...
  12. tfisher07

    Tricks for Under Eye Concealer

    I love my under eye concealer, but by mid day it starts sinking in to my fine lines and is so noticeable. I recently saw a video on using a bit of jojoba oil to pat in to the concealer to make it alive again, but maybe I'm just applying it wrong? If anyone has any tips or tricks please help!
  13. tfisher07

    Reduce Pore Size After Foundation

    I recently switched to the Kat Von D Lock It foundation. It is fabulous, and a very little bit goes a long way. But now more than any other foundation use I notice my pores like crazy! I still use the Porefessional primer that is supposed to help with that, as well as a layer of light powder on...