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  1. nychick1384

    Josie Maran Argan Oil Cosmetics

    I have combination/oil skin with a little acne and I'm considering giving the Argan Oil a try as a moisturizer and I'm also interested in the tinted moisturizer. I would love to know if anyone has tried anything from her line and if so, what do you think? Did it improve your skin or make it...
  2. nychick1384

    Best Drugstore Liquid Foundation

    I'm currently using Revlon Colorstay and while I do really like it, sometimes it looks cakey and a little 'too' matte. Can anyone recommend a really good drugstore liquid foundation for oily skin? I'm looking for one that has medium to full coverage and a semi-matte finish. Thanks in advance for...
  3. nychick1384

    Rich Metal Highlighters-new question, old product

    Ok, I know the Rich Metal Highlighters are kinda old, but I picked up two at my local CCO a few months ago and I need a little help. I cannot get them to not crease on my eyes! I've tried primer, primer with a paint pot, concealer and foundation underneath the primer. It always creases. I really...
  4. nychick1384

    Sephora Employee Discount Online?

    I have a question for any Sephora employees on here: Can we use our employee discount online? If so, how is it done? Do I need to order it online through my store, or does it need to be done a different way? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. nychick1384

    Please help save Kristie This is a video posted on Kandee Johnson's youtube channel who is a wonderful makeup artist. She tells about her friend Kristie who is very sick and in need of help. Kandee is trying to get the word out about Kristie in hopes that maybe someone who...
  6. nychick1384

    Sephora F & F 2010 in store

    Makeup blogger Musings of a Muse just announced that Sephora will be having their Friends & Family 2010 event in-store at the end of next week ( What will you be hauling from the in-store event that you...
  7. nychick1384

    My Vacation Haul: Part 2-Lush, Bare Minerals, Stila, and NYX

    Part 2: Everything other than my pretty MAC stuff. Attachment 11708 Lush: Small Buffy Bar, Mint Julips Lip Scrub, and Samples of Sultana of Soap (2) and Godiva Solid Shampoo (OMG it smells sooooo good) Attachment 11709 Bare Minerals: 2007 Fall Color Collection and Eyeshadow Quad Compact...
  8. nychick1384

    My Vacation Haul: Part 1-MAC

    Hey, everyone! I got back from my vacation to see my dad in Detroit on Sunday. I am happy to say that I did some pretty major hauling and I brought back lots of new makeup to play with to tide me over until my birthday and Christmas (...maybe). [Click on the pics to make them larger, I still...
  9. nychick1384

    Fail-safe manicure process

    I can never seem to paint my nails and not mess them up. It seems like no matter how long I sit there not doing anything, even after a few hours, I always seem to smudge or dent my nail polish. I've tried several quick dry top coats and nail dryers and I still can't seem to get this right. I...
  10. nychick1384

    Kat Von D Momento Mori palette

    Hi! This is my second EOTD post, and I'm still working on taking batter pictures, but I figure I might as well share as I learn -Too Faced Shadow Insurance -MAC Delft Paint Pot -Kat Von D Momento Mori Eyeshadow Palette --Sugar Skull --Peggy --Hard Luck--Tijuana -Loreal Hip Color Truth Cream...
  11. nychick1384

    IMATS 2011 Pasadena

    I am considering attending IMATS next year in Pasadena and I was just wondering if anyone had some advice for minimizing trip costs. I want to minimize my travel costs as much as possible so I have more to spend on makeup, of course . I am considering getting a group of friends together to...
  12. nychick1384

    My very first post...ever!!!

    Hey, guys! Like the title says this is my first ever FOTD post. I've been leaving comments for everyone else's looks and I thought I'd take a crack at it. These are two looks that I've done over the summer. Please excuse the less than stellar pics, I've not quite mastered the best way to take...