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  1. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*My 2nd Smokey Look for a Girls' Night Out!!!!*~*

    *~*Sorry the pics aren't that big, but they show my makeup kinda I started not to post this look, but I got so many comps on my makeup that night that I figured I should...Enjoy!!!! *~* *All MAC unless noted* Face: Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Foundation (6.5) MAC MSF Natural...
  2. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Site Totally Worth Checking Out!!!!!*~*

    *~*I found this site through another blog...Basically it has a bunch of lip products, and when you click on it, there are pics of the actual product, and pics of the product on an actual person...Love this site!!!!!*~* Lipsticks in New York Stores -- Shop-A-Matic -- New York Magazine
  3. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Not Quite Natural, but Tempting Fotd...(kinda large!!)*~*

    *~*Here's my look for the night...Sorry I didn't get any really good close-ups, but I did get a digi cam for Christmas, so the pic quality is muuuuuch better!!! I really have learned so much from everyone here!!! Thx!!!! *~* *All MAC unless noted...* Face: Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish...
  4. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*What is Leona wearing??*~*

    *~*I love her makeup in the U.S. video for Bleeding Love. Any recs on this look?? Pref. Nars or Mac...Tia!!!! *~* *This is my first time trying to upload pics so I hope you can see them!! *
  5. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*My *First* Smokey Eye!!!! (fotd)*~*

    *~*Here is the look I did last night...It was the first time I really tried to do a smokey eye!!! I usually do neutrals, so I wasn't used to it at first, but I really liked it!!!! CC appreciated!! What I used (all MAC unless noted): Face: Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish 6.5 Warm Almond MAC...
  6. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Stila Virtual Warehouse Sale!!!*~*

    *~*Admin, I hope it's okay to post this goes!!! Stila is having their first ever Virtual Warehouse sale!!!! I know there are some Stila fans here who would appreciate this...The link to the sale is posted below. You can't shop the sale without the link...Happy Shopping!!! *~*...
  7. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*What Lip Gloss (brand) is this???*~*

    *~*I came across this pic of (my beauty icon) Kim Kardashian...does anyone know what brand lip gloss this is that she's using?? It's a pretty color & I'm a gloss JUNKIE...TIA!!!! *~*
  8. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Soooo my foundation made me ORANGE!!!!! Help!!*~*

    *~*I have been wearing MAC foundation since I was a junior in high school, so it's nothing new for me. However, I just recently (in July) switched from Studio Tech NC 45 to Studio Fix Fluid NC 50. It was perfect in the summer, but now when I wear it, after a while it looks too dark and it has...
  9. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Nars Blushes???*~*

    *~*I have heard so many great things about their blushes, so I want to try one (or two)!!! I'm nc 45-50 (pic in profile), and the MAC blushes that I love are Dollymix & Sunbasque. Any Nars recs for me to try?? I tend to go for peachy/golden (shimmery) or soft sheer pink blushes w/ shimmer, but...
  10. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Flossy Flossy...(Neutral/Polished Look)*~*

    *~*This is my try at the "neutral/polished" look...I was just going out to lunch w/ my BFF so nothing special!!! I apologize for the crappy cell phone pics (I will hopefully get a digital for Christmas!!)...CC is greatly appreciated!!! *~* All MAC unless noted: Face: SFF NC 50 Eyes: Romp...
  11. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Looking for a sheer pink e/s!!!!*~*

    *~*I'm looking for a sheer pink shadow (can be any brand) that I could wear all over my lid as a wash. I'm NC 45-50 (pic in profile), and I just need something subtle that won't be too bright...& hopefully something with a little shimmer. TIA!!!! *~*
  12. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Welcome to the Good Life...*~*

    *~*This was def. a rush job (ignore my *less than perfect* blending & my annoying lazy eye)!!! I was on my way to MAC & some other stores, so I was just trying to get out the door...I mainly wanted to try my new blush ( Dollymix!!!!!); so this look is *not* my best. CC is greatly...
  13. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*She want that Laffy Taffy...that Kiss Kiss...*~*

    *~*Here's my second fotd!!! I was going through my pics and found this one. I was on my way to an "All White Party" back in May (this is when I started buying MAC...again). CC is greatly appreciated!!!*~* ETA: All MAC unless noted... Face: Studio Tech NC 45 Eyes: Gentle Lentil s/s Black...
  14. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Nars Lip Lacquer*~*

    *~*Has anyone tried these?? I was thinking about trying Cabiria, Caraibe, or Eros. I'm going to Sephora this weekend to buy one, and I just wanted to hear some thoughts on these. Are they sheer or pigmented?? Any comments?? TIA!!!*~*
  15. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Baby You Got the Keys (first FOTD)...*~*

    *~*Now Shut Up & Drive, Drive, Drive, Drive...luv that song!!! Here's a neutral FOTD...I don't have many eye shadows (but lipglass to spare!! lol); so bear with me...I will be posting more as my collection grows!!! Hope you like!!! CC is greatly appreciated!!! *~* All Mac unless noted... Face...
  16. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Carol's Daughter- Candy Paint Lip Gloss*~*

    *~*Has anyone tried these before?? I have heard rave reviews (online & by word of mouth) that these are great, but no store near me has them for me to try (the nearest store is almost 2 hours away). They are available online, but I am skeptical to order one without trying it. The ones I'm...
  17. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Lip Conditioner Scent (pot)...*~*

    *~*Hey everyone!!! I just bought the TLC in Petting Pink over the weekend (love it!!), and I love the scent/taste. However, I went to lunch w/ my friend & she had the clear one (in the white pot; I don't know if it was the SPF or not) but it smelled *horrible*!!!! Does the clear one with SPF...
  18. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Do you know what shade this is???*~*

    *~*I love Kim's makeup here, and I've been trying to find a lipgloss that's similar to (or pretty darn close to) the color she's wearing here (it can be any department store brand). Any suggestions???
  19. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Lipglass Combos Needed!!!*~*

    *~* These are the colors that I have:*~* ~Adventuresome ~Oyster Girl ~Viva Glam V ~Prize Petal ~Nymphette ~Pink Meringue ~Flusterose (Lusterglas) *Lipstick:* ~Sweetie ~Viva Glam V ~Honeyflower *~*Could anyone recommend some combinations with these colors?? TIA!!!*~*
  20. Lipglass*Lover*

    *~*Going to MAC Tomorrow...Need Advice on colors & Foundation!!*~*

    ~~I'm making a weekly stop at MAC tomorrow, and I need a little help. I know I want to get a new foundation, and a lip product. I just don't know which colors!! I hate going in and not knowing what I want cause I'll be all over the place!! lol Some things I'm considering... *Studio Stick...