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  1. macmistress

    Getting the 'kurbaan' look

    hey girls, ive fallen in love with the look kareena sports in 'kurbaan' the movie. its absolutely brilliant and im loving colours n the bold yet simple look. but theres a problem. how would you get that blue and green look? or even the black? any ideas? what products would you use? p.s. im...
  2. macmistress

    Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Foundation for Bridal etc

    Hi girls, I use this foundation on myself, i feel like its the one foundation out of all ive tried to be most suitable. Howeever I am wondering if it would be good for brides, bridesmaids or party, fashion etc? Anyone ever used these products rather than the studio fix? I actually find the...
  3. macmistress

    MAC Pigments/Glitters/Lipsticks/Eyeshadows + Swatches!

    Hi all, This is my latest haul, I tried my best with the pics and i promised some people swatches so here you go :- Im an NC37 to give you the way i loved my haul MAC Pigments/Glitters in boxes:- Stripped out of boxes:- Naughty Nauticles Eyeshadows and Lipsticks:- Port Red and...
  4. macmistress

    NARS haul

    kayyy so im pretty excited cos my NARS haul didnt cost me as much as the prices here in England. I bought mind from the mall in Dubai and it cost me £208 whereas here in england it would have cost me £317!! Well I am going Dubai again so I guess Ill just do more shopping there Here is my...
  5. macmistress

    Graphic Peacock challenge!!

    Okay so I made this on Paint and i thought maybe you guys can try this. I want to wear this look on an occasion. If you want you can try a slightly different with the same layout. Ive put a neutral colour with a little shimmer for the whole lid and over the creases. then a dark blue,olive and...
  6. macmistress

    Calling all NARS experts and lovers!

    So I am about to purchase a balanced foundation. But first I wanted your recs on a few things. I will tell you what my skin is like.. I am NC35 in MAC select and NC37 in the studiofix. Now lately I have not beed happy with the NC35 MAC select becayse my foundation clumps up on my pores and...
  7. macmistress

    What is your skincare regime?

    From Exfoliating, to cleansing to toning, moisturising etc etc. I suffer from dry acne, but no spots. I just want some detailed tips, I have never used a toner. I dont even know what it is for and why it is essential. So go on! List your regime! Share the love!
  8. macmistress

    Anyone had any experience with fake pigments from ebay sellers? Please advise now!

    Hi all..I know it is little money but I have spent a total of £9 quid for 2 full size pigment jars fom 2 different sellers. One seller has sold me A PIGMENT IN 'ROCkING ORANGE' and another seller has sold me a pigment in 'BROWN PINk' Now after asking you lovely members on another thread if such...
  9. macmistress


    I just got my MAC Pigment called rocking orange. Now I was tooo late to withdraw the bid, because silly me didnt do the essential check up before buying it. It was going for £3 and I got it for that much too with £1.50 for p&p. Is there such a pigment? *looks hopeful* Also brown Pink? I...
  10. macmistress

    Diamantes For Eyes or Diamante Eyelashes?

    I heard hat shu uemera sell these..but I cant find anyone? Also a side question... Bare escentuals minerals or shu Uemera mineral makeup? Im NC35 and NC37
  11. macmistress

    MAC, NARS, Inglot, anddd Miscellanious (My first viewing to the members)

    Okay guys these pics arent exactly heavy. It is a very modest collection lol. I will add the pics then the list of what it actually is. It is time I kept a record of what I have ...So I made a phaaat Document on microsoft word Anyway..please leave some loving comments. (I am very proud of...
  12. macmistress

    How does a hair gloss work in salons?

    Rather than going for the typical cut and colour i usually go for in hair salons, I wanted to opt for a conditioning treatment or a cut and gloss. But i am more confused about the latter. I have heard of people having gloss put in their hair, but I am not so sure how it works? Can any experts...
  13. macmistress

    Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation

    Hey All! I was wondering if anyone of you have tried this foundation? :S And another problem, I live up north..Giorgio Armani stock only in London..Arghh! Help? How can I tell which colour is best for me?
  14. macmistress


    hey how are you all? a round of applause please? thank you