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  1. shadowprincess

    Photoshoot with 2 looks plus couple shots

    Recently had a photoshoot with my friends Katie and her bf Mike. Hair and makeup by me. C&C welcome Some of my best work to date but I know there is still more room for improvement. Be gentle. Face: Face atelier 02 + 00 Wet n wild megaglow face illuminator Revlon skinlights illuminator -...
  2. shadowprincess

    Vectorize Me ^_^

    A vector version of this pic: CLICK FOR BIGGER PICTURE ^_^ took me days to finish this. I have to say that this was quite tough to do despite looking easy...
  3. shadowprincess

    Plastic flowers never fade but we all turn to grey

    Went to work with this. clickable picture for larger size Face: Revlon colorstay with softflex Rayleen's mix loose powder Annabelle bronzer TBS golden pink Pureluxe opal aura Eyes & flowers: TBS emerald shimmer TBS shimmer cube Pureluxe opal aura MAC pink freeze Revlon colourstay e/l [black...
  4. shadowprincess

    Which job should I take? Torn between two. Please help.

    So, i applied to The Body Shop and the Clinique counter at The Bay. The Body Shop - part time - $8 per hour - commission (no idea how many percent) - 30% discount off products The Bay - full time (30 hours confirmed) - $10.50 per hour - 3% commission - full benefits after probation months...
  5. shadowprincess

    I love orange juice ^_^

    trying out something new for fun.. gimme some constructive opinions about this please...excuse the oily face coz i did this after i took a nap and didn't wash my face :P Face: Revlon colorstay w/ softflex Rayleen's mix MUFE orange star powder TMM highlite TMM fuzzy navel MAC electric...
  6. shadowprincess

    Two FOTDs [Bright Colors]

    FACE: Revlon colourstay L'oreal bronzer Cover Girl bronzer MAC bronzer MAC delicacy MAC mulch Annabelle blush Maybeline brown shadow (for beard filling) Eyes: MAC mulch MAC embark MAC tempting MAC balcktied MAC crystal avalanche MAC wedge for more Shakespeare's Twelfth Night pictures...
  7. shadowprincess

    Shakespeare's Twelfth Night *will be adding pics till closing night*

    i am the director of makeup for a huge theater production by the Drama Society at my university. this is great experience for me and not to mention super great for my resume. and please note that i am only an amateur with no professional training... if there is any flaw, this is why :P there...
  8. shadowprincess

    Stage Makeup Questions *need answers by tuesday morning*

    Hello everyone.... I have a few questions about stage makeup and i hope that you will be able to help me with them. Thanks in advance!! 1) some of the cast members have some wrinkles on their forehead and some laugh lines... how do i cover that so that it won't be so obvious? 2) how do i "add"...
  9. shadowprincess

    Victorian Era Makeup [Help Needed. TQ]

    I will be doing the makeup for a play by the university's theatre society and the director has decided to go for the victorian era. This is my first time doing makeup on other people so I want to get it right. I'm not a trained makeup artist either. Just wondering if anyone could help me as to...
  10. shadowprincess

    Sultry Look - Going Out For A Date

  11. shadowprincess

    Photoshop Tutorials (whiten eyes, add glow, change eyecolor) [link]

    I originally posted my tuts on the Photoshop Skills thread but decided perhaps i should create one thread here and post all the tutorials in one place. Hopefully some of you might find them helpful. I am still learning myself so these are as basic and idiot proof as they can get. Create a...
  12. shadowprincess

    Gorgeous Gold, Amber Lights, Mulch, Embark Tutorial

    this was a tutorial i did that was requested by someone in another forum... did the tutorial before work hence the ugly green blouse. Start with properly cleansing, toning, moisturizing and priming the skin. Bleh... horrible skin.... Get liquid foundationready. I use one pump of each: MAC...
  13. shadowprincess

    Angelina Jolie + Plushglass = perfect

    it's too bad that she wasnt chosen as the spokesperson instead of that scary lady in the MAC plushglass video... shiseido managed to bag her though... lucky them
  14. shadowprincess

    Holy smokes! It's blue! (^^,)V

    simple smokey-ish blue fotd :P
  15. shadowprincess

    Somewhere over the rainbow...

    first attempt at rainbow eyes... inspiration from somebody here in specktra... but cant remember who.. edit: ahhh... i remember who it was... it was jokers_kick... and i found another really nice rainbow eotd by lah_knee ... wanna try that out next time question: i have a qustion though.. how...
  16. shadowprincess

    Tropical fruits with a little bit of grapes, anyone?

    FEB 27, 2006 just bought some NYX shadows recently.. having a ball with them didnt put any mascara on my bottom lashes.. look how they like non-existent without it.... FEB 28, 2006 i revamped the tropical fruits idea.. added more colours to it... and this time i put mascara on my bottom...
  17. shadowprincess

    Garden Beauties

    i found some pictures that i took at Spring Garden Public Gardens last fall... just wanted to share
  18. shadowprincess

    paint vs fluidline vs shadestick as base

    hi, not sure if this thread already exists... if it does can someone point me in that direction, if not, i'd like to know out of these three, which one works best as a base? i have MAC eye prep + prime.... but it doesnt make my shadows look more vibrant.. doesnt bring out the colour either...
  19. shadowprincess

    Gorgeous gold with golden shine that is oh-so tempting

    a really simple gold and brown fotd.... first fotd posted on specktra ....all comments welcome oh i forgot to write down Milani illusion as my brow bone highlight. for both top and bottom lid this is the sequence: inner v = gorgeous gold middle = golden shine outer = tempting