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  1. semtexgirl

    The Fray - How To Save A Life

    Anyone have this cd? It's amazing - I love pretty much every song. Been a long time since I've listened to an entire cd without skipping past a track (or 5, lol)!
  2. semtexgirl

    Madame B. collection

    Can someone tell me which l/s the model is wearing in this pic? I can't seem to figure it out...TIA!
  3. semtexgirl

    Rec for nail growth

    Anyone have a recommendation for a nail growth product? I have QTICA Natural Nail Growth Stimulator but wondering what everyone else uses if you break a nail and are really impatient (like me) while waiting for it to grow out again. I won't put a tip on for an instafix b/c they do more damage...
  4. semtexgirl

    mark. Instant Vacation Greek Isles

    A new scent coming out really soon from (Avon) mark. Warm honey, fresh gardenia, white freesia and creamy coconut combine for a blissful island fragrance that captures the carefree Mediterranean mood of the Greek Isles. Sounds really good! And inexpensive too!
  5. semtexgirl

    Clear lucite bangles

    So here's a pic of Drew in her bangles. I LOVE these. There's a seller on ebay who has the EXACT one I want (). I like her bangles better than any of the others on ebay and the internet in general (I'm really picky). Ok, these dummy...
  6. semtexgirl

    mineralize satinfinish fluid vs. studio fix

    I use Mineralize Satinfinish right now with no complaints but I'm reading posts here about Studio Fix Fluid and wondering how they differ (ie. finish, coverage, staying power, etc.). I don't currently use a primer, but I will be picking up Prep + Prime Skin and Prep + Prime Lip veeeerrry soon...
  7. semtexgirl

    So how did you begin (for MAC artists)?

    I know many of you have probably answered this question about a million times already but how did you get started? Did you take classes? Have any professional designations? I have NO experience in this industry. I work in the insurance industry right now and hate it. I've been doing it for...
  8. semtexgirl

    Ciao from NY!

    Hello everybody! I found this site about a week ago, while looking for a swatch of Fleshpot lipstick. I ended up buying a tube on ebay and I am so excited about receiving and wearing it :dancey:! Now I'm OBSESSED with Lancome's LE Proenza Pink lipstick! I don't have one but I'm gonna post a...