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  1. Willa

    The Green Giant

    Nevermind the title... So so so...!!! Long time no see?! It's a bout time I can do FOTD's again, I've got 3 allergical reactions in the last 2 months My face is still a bit red and bloated from the medecine, so be indulgent ladies (and gents!). I bought some new Quo palettes and wanted to...
  2. Willa

    Some new goodies

    Just for the fun of it, here's what I got during the last month Either from online sale, drugstore or when I went to France <3 From the drugstore, I got 4 Quo palettes (at Shoppers Drugmart) and with my Optimum card, I got 3 of them for free The greens remind me of that Photorealism quad I...
  3. Willa

    Your views on mini laptops

    Hello everyone I am currently looking for a new laptop because mine is getting older and it's a bit heavy to carry with me. The reason why I am looking for a mini laptop is that I would use it on makeup jobs (showing pictures etc...) but I would also use it as an agenda, something to help me...
  4. Willa

    Error message

    When I try to click on the link on the main board, next to ''Specktra Announcements and News Tutorial Contest September 2009 - VOTING posted by Hilly'' it leads me to this : Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator If you received this message...
  5. Willa

    Drying mascara

    Hello everyone I was wondering if somebody had a trick to help a mascara last longer? I have a Smoky Lash from MUFE and it's drying soooo fast... I heard you can put an eye drop in it, does it works? It's my personnal mascara, so I dont care to try something But I wouldnt do that on a mascara...
  6. Willa

    100 things your kids may never know about

    100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About | GeekDad | This is funny Makes me feel old, but funny Do you guys still have your old cassettes? I have so much at home... I need to find a walkman
  7. Willa

    Razzia at MUFE

  8. Willa

    Great inspiration pictures!

    On this board, members who achieved their goal put their picture online Some requires a membership, but some don't Impressive!!! Inspiring also <3 Goal Photo Album - 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community
  9. Willa

    How about honest reviews in here?

    What do you guys think about starting a thread, where we'd post pictures of FOTD's or looks we did on models (pro pictures or not) and we could all be honest between each other? I think this section being more for the industry, it would be a nice place to do it, what do you all think? I often...
  10. Willa

    What food do you dislike?

    Title explains everything We all have certain food we just can't stand eating What's yours? As for me, I just can't eat anything squishy As much as I love the taste of mushroom, I can't eat it if it's not passed throught the blender, like in a cream of mushroom. Mussels, oysters, octopus...
  11. Willa

    B-day haul :D

    So so so!!! I went to The Bay downtown (Mtl) because I had 2 gift cards. First, I wanted to get my usual MUFE dose... but my favorite MUA wasnt there (vacations) and the one girl who doesnt seem to like was there and wasnt very interessed into checked some products with me. I decided to go to...
  12. Willa

    Special B-Day FOTD <3

    So, I played with my makeup last night, yeah it was my b-day and I stayed home, but we celebrated it all last weekend long I mostly used MUFE and TKB (TBK?) Trading stuff and on my lips it's an OCC Lip Tar. I went very smooth, wanted a natural look you know. Hope you like it And this...
  13. Willa

    A nice blog - Bitch Cakes

    I love reading her blog *Bitch Cakes*: A Neurotic Glamour Girl's Weight Watchers Experience and Fitness Adventures She is entertaining, fun to read and very pretty She gives good advices I wanted to share it with you
  14. Willa

    Need party songs!

    Hello pretties! This saturday, we'll celebrate my 29th birthday, and I really want it to be amusing. Maybe to forget that next year will be 30th... I don't know hahaha But still, I need party songs I'm more of a oldschool hip hop, funk and soul girl, but recent songs and other styles are...
  15. Willa

    Change the title of my traincase

    Hello my darlings How can I change the title of my Traincase thread? It's not mini anymore...
  16. Willa

    On location fee

    On location, kit fees... What is it, basically? Some MUA ask for it, some don't Pros and cons please? :P
  17. Willa

    Fell asleep, woke up with 56 tattoos

    Teen suing tattoo artist for £8,500 after she asked for three stars on her face... and ended up with 56 | Mail Online You know what? I don't believe that girl! I say she totally wanted all these stars, but realized once done that it was freaky and she made a mistake and now is suing for her...
  18. Willa

    Typical weekend fun. What's yours?

    So, what's your typical weekend plans during summer? What do you like to do, where do you go? I love going at my parent's place and relax in the pool, under the sun, with a drink in hand I also love wilderness camping, but I only do that once or twice per summer because I don't own a car and...
  19. Willa

    Tornadoes, hurricanes, how do you feel?

    Let's be honest, here in Montreal, actually in the whole province, we do not get a lot of bad weather. We freak out when we have winds of 90km/h... I wanna know, those of you who experienced a tornado or a hurricane, what is the feeling? Have you lost things, your house, or even a person...
  20. Willa

    No images

    I can't seem to be able to see any images I upload here Either on my signature where people say they see 2 icons, and I don't And on a thread, I uploaded an image, I'll try here too to see... <---- Link here in edit mode Nope, it doesnt