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    ELF Swatches

    Glow is GORGEOUS!
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    L'oreal Swatches (includes HIP)

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    Has anyone ever tried Cibu?

    I've been wanting to try out some Cibu products lately, but they're so expensive and I don't want to waste my money on something that I can't try first! I guess Cibu is an east coast thing since none of the retailers carry it anywhere near where I live. I'm interested in more than half of their...
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    Cherry Culture NYX Haul!

    *CLICK TO ENLARGE* BEST OF ALL, all this only cost $40! I absolutely LOVE NYX! It's my first time trying the brand out, but I am so satisfied I love their round lippies, lipglosses and their lipliners!
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    Simply Naturals

    Has anyone tried their pigments? I absolutely LOVE them!! They're super cheap too! They're only $1.85 for a FULL 5 gram jar. Their website is, but they also have an ebay store (and the shipping is WAAAAY cheaper). I bought a 20 pack from their ebay store and I'm so...
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    nude lippies for nc30?

    they don't have to specifically be mac lippies. I have fleshpot, but it's on the borderline of washing me out even when I put lipgloss over it. I also don't mind if it's a sheer nude color. I'm usually just worried about the creamier ones because I don't know how dark or light they will be on my...
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    first fotd! or more like eotd :)

    So I got really bored yesterday and my boyfriend was out playing basketball so I came up with this funky look. It's a little messy lol and it's my first time doing something out of my comfort zone. Products I Used (all MAC unless stated otherwise) Base: Frostlite fluidline Inner corner...
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    tri color pencil?

    these look super intriguing, but the only shu uemura store in my area happens to be where there is never any parking. has anyone tried these before? do you know what the finishes are? i imagine them to go on either creamy or chalky... like crayons...
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    Father's day is comin up!

    What are you guys getting your dads for father's day?? I never know what to get mine... and i always feel guilty that i don't get my grandpa anything. Lol. I mean, there is a "grandparent's day" but no one ever celebrates that!
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    I cut my credit card in half

    I FINALLY did it! I cut my credit card in half!!!!! No need for the stores to do it for me. LOL. I went crazy shopping for the Neo Sci-Fi collection and when I got home, I looked at my credit card and sporadically snipped it in half. If I don't have it, then I can't spend anymore money that I...
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    Neo Sci-Fi + B2M Haul!!

    Whoo! I got a makeover today! I knew I was going to blow some cash on the new collection anyway. Why not have a makeover too? I got some things from the Neo Sci-Fi and Future Earth collections, some wipes, pinch o peach blush, and turned in 18 of my eyeshadow containers and got some lipsticks...
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    239 brush not picking up color anymore?

    I tried searching for a topic like this, but I couldn't find one. I just bought my 239 brush probably like a month ago and the other day I was using it and noticed that it doesn't pick up as much eye shadow color anymore. The brush just doesn't pick up the shadows on the tips-mid bristles. It's...
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    My eyeshadow makes my eyes look half closed

    For some reason, when I put on a lot of eyeshadow (mainly any dark/semi-dark colors) my eyes look like they're half closed... or like I have sleepy eyes or something. I try using eyeliner to make them look bigger, but it doesn't help that much. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to make my...
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    Light flush or warmed MSF?

    I'm an NC30 and I've heard others that have the same skin tone as me use both. I'm not too sure how they'd look on me since I've never tried them in person before... I want to order one off the MAC website, but I didn't want to order both and have to return one later on... Could someone please...
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    Do you prefer mac eyeshadows or pigments?

    I've been debating for a long time about which one I like better. When I first got into MAC, I loved the idea of pigments, but I own a few samples that just sit around and I find myself using the shadows on a regular basis. I love pigments, but I think since they're loose, I don't reach for them...
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    Naughty Nauticals treat before wisdom teeth

    So I treated myself to some new stuff today right before I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. (yes, I'm all swollen and in pain right now lol). I wasn't *that* impressed with the new collection, but I must say that I LOVEEEEEE the quad!! Crest the wave (the yellow one) is absolutely the best...
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    Empty screw jars for pigments?

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this, but I couldn't find anywhere better. Where do you guys get your empty screw top jars for pigment samples? I haven't a clue where to get mine. I know offers them for 25 cents a jar. Is there anywhere cheaper? Thanks!
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    Hello!! I'm Lily, I'm 19 and a full time college student. This board seems so awesome and helpful from what I've seen of it so far!