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  1. alexisdeadly

    Purple and Parrot!!

    I haven't been active because I have been really busy with work and some issues. But here's an FOTD from the other day. Sorry that the photos came out shitty and I look powdery. Eyes : UDPP Painterly P/P Parrot Purple Haze Indian Ink Point Black powerlast #34 lashes Face: Bare Minerals (...
  2. alexisdeadly

    I have to work on New Years Eve FOTD

    Eyes: (All MAC unless noted) Goldmine Gorgeous Gold Springtime Skipper Juxt Humid Swimming Parrot (with Mixing Medium; Lower lashline) Blacktrack Point Black Benefit Bad Gal Lash #34 lashes Rose Blanc Naked Lunch Face: MSF Natural in Light Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder Lips: Happening Gal I...
  3. alexisdeadly

    Green Eyed Monster *rawr*

    I wish I could post FOTDs more often but I work an insane schedule. I am going to try and post more often. Enough blabber, on to the photos (which are not the best). Excuse the liner. And I don't understand why the bottom half of my face looks discolored! CC welcome!! Used (All MAC unless...
  4. alexisdeadly

    Benefit Boo Boo Zap

    Has anyone used this product before? I am really curious as to what others think about it. What are the pros and cons? Thanks lovlies!! or any other of the Benefit facial products!
  5. alexisdeadly

    Time for my collection!! Picture Heavy!

    I decided to share the pictures of my makeup. I wanted to make them all nice but then I got tired and wanted to get it over with hehe. Here are the pictures and thanks for looking. If you want to know what anything is, please ask! MAC: Non Mac
  6. alexisdeadly

    Quit Smoking Club!

    I decided to start this thread as a support group for those of us who have quit smoking or want to quit smoking. I quit smoking on my birthday, December 9th, as a birthday present to myself. I quit after 12 years (and I am only 24 years old). I've done this before for a year but started again...
  7. alexisdeadly

    First FOTD on Specktra

    I have finally gather the balls to post an FOTD on here. It's from my birthday last week. I am really obsessed with the purple! CC welcomed! Xoxoxo -Alexis Used: Eyes -Lovely Lily pigment with Mixing Medium -Indian Ink -Poison Pen -Naked Lunch Face: -SFF in NW15 -Blot Powder -Laura...
  8. alexisdeadly

    November - December Haul!!

    I didn't take pictures of the things I have bought this past month because it would honestly be an overload of pictures. But here is a list of things I purchased! Sex Ray Studio Fix Fluid Nw15 Mineralized Skinfinish in Light 4 15 Pan Palettes Purple Haze Tilt Laura Geller "Pink...
  9. alexisdeadly

    Kind Of New

    Hiii! I am kind of new. I haven't posted anything yet but I have replied to certain to posts. I am a MAC fiend. I'm 24, Puerto Rican. NW 15, Black hair, Brown eyes.. Uhmm... That's it! Oh my name is Alexandria.