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  1. kaexbabey

    New York City Christmas Lights & Ice Skating

    Does anyone know when they typically take the lights DOWN? Planning to be there the first week of January, and I'm really hoping that they're still up! Also, if I can only go ice skating at one of the rinks, should it be the Rockefeller Center or Central Park? Thanks!
  2. kaexbabey

    tanning sprays & lotions

    i have a few questions... 1) if i use a tanning spray and want it to be a deeper color, do i have to wait the next day to apply another layer or can i do it right when the first one dries? 2) lets say i applied the tanning spray & i shave & exfoliate the next day so that when i spray more self...
  3. kaexbabey

    Face and Body Foundation coverage

    is it heavier, lighter, or about the same as a tinted moisturizer?
  4. kaexbabey

    MAC's Belightful-without the chunky glitter?

    Can anyone tell me of a highlighter that looks like belightful w/o the obnoxious glitter? I mean it's OKAY for a night out or something, but for everyday I dont really want the big glitter on my face. Any brand is fine. Please, and thanks =]
  5. kaexbabey

    bras & boobs after breastfeeding. lol

    ok so i don't breastfeed anymore .. but as all moms who have/still do know, it's like your boobs become deflated. everytime i get measured i'm always a 36C. it's fits OKAY but then when i lay down or whatever, it's like my boob doesn't fill the cup up and so if i were wearing a low shirt and...
  6. kaexbabey

    favorite low-end bra?

    hey guys what is your favorite bra that you can get at target or kohls, etc? i dont wanna go to victoria's secret for just a plain bra. i'd rather spend my gift card for there on more pretty things. i need suggestions for both regular, and strapless / multi-way bras because when i wear...
  7. kaexbabey

    anyone here like yankee candles or bath and body works wallflowers?

    they're my favorite and i just got two for BOGO 50% off. my all time favorite is vanilla cupcake and i got the new spring scent, plumeria, which is my favorite flower. i'm disappointed in it thought because i can only smell it when i'm RIGHT next to it. if you've used yankee candles before, you...
  8. kaexbabey

    tmobile contract renewal discount

    does anyone know how much discount you get off a phone when you renew your contract? because i really want the new 8900 curve! mmmmm sexy! lol.
  9. kaexbabey

    first deployment

    so we're gonna be going through our first one REALLY soon, and i just need some advice on how to keep that spark alive even when the closest we can get is through webcam. i'm not talking about sex lol but you know. because even when he IS here it's like he doesn't have time for me or our babies...
  10. kaexbabey

    hello kitty brush set

    i know theres a 187 and 239 but is the other one a 109 or 129? in the description here on specktra it says 109 but in pictures it looks like a 129
  11. kaexbabey

    1 year!

    for some reason i decided to look at my own specktra profile today and realized that today is 1 year since i joined specktra! lol happy specktra bday? lol
  12. kaexbabey

    where are you going and what do you plan on getting for black friday?

    also, do regular malls have sales too? or is it just the outlets and stores like target, old navy, etc?
  13. kaexbabey

    how to dress babies when going in and outdoors..

    so i have a little one .. almost 4 months old. there's snow here now (like it's actually staying now, and not melting away) and i'm confused about how to dress her when we go out. i know the rule is one more layer than what i'd be comfortable in, and that layers are good .. but what about when...
  14. kaexbabey

    MSF natural

    should an NC37-40 go for medium plus or medium dark?
  15. kaexbabey

    blending the color and highlight together

    so i have trouble making the area where my e/s color and highlight meet look blended. i blend and blend but i still think it looks a bit harsh. i mean it's not like super harsh since i do blend it, but when i see other fotds, theirs looks super blended. i use a sonia kashuk blending brush. any...
  16. kaexbabey

    mystery pressed powders

    for those who have gotten it in past couture collections, what is the coverage like? is it comparable to MAC studio fix powder? or less coverage? also is the finish pretty matte or more natural? i really want it if it has decent coverage because i'll get 2 powders for $50, almost the same as...
  17. kaexbabey

    steve madden boots

    do the bottom part (soles?) of their boots have pretty good grip to them? i really don't wanna fall on my a** in the snow or slip when i step into stores after walking through the snow like i did last year. lol. annnd .. how about their sizing? i'm a size 7.5 w/o socks so i usually buy an 8 in...
  18. kaexbabey

    Tips For Driving In The Snow

    so it snowed today in NY. BLAH! i really need to learn how to drive in the snow since i didn't learn last year because i'd always use the excuse that i was pregnant to my husband. lol. but i HAVE to learn this year because he'll be deploying in february so i'll be all alone. i'm from CA so i...
  19. kaexbabey

    celebrities your MAN thinks are hot and do you agree with him?

    my man's lusts are .. jessica alba-sorta agree. depends on her hair color =p lol taeko (not really a big celebrity) from america's best dance crew (fysh and chicks)-don't agree at all .. i dont see what he sees in her lol kourtney kardashian-agree. i want her petite toned little body! lol. i...
  20. kaexbabey

    parrot grew a .. dovefeather?! lol

    excuse the hair, i just got out of the shower when i did my makeup FACE: studio fix powder nc40 MAC melba blush CLINIQUE shimmer brick thing in pink chocolate TOO FACED sun bunny bronzer EYES: TFSI MAC dovefeather MAC parrot MAC plumage MAC vanilla MAC your ladyship SHISEIDO mascara base TOO...