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  1. Anatevka

    E.l.f Experiment.

    So I took advantage of the mineral eyeshadow sale and I played around a little with the colors. This is kind of a bad picture, I had cried in it (and it lasted!) but I wanted to get a shot of it before I washed it off for the night. It isn't in my usual lighting so I don't think the camera did...
  2. Anatevka

    Smokey-yet-Bright Green Look

    I used the BH Cosmetic's 1st edition palette for my eyeshadow. Since BH doesn't give names to their colors, I circled the ones I used to finish the look: I used Lorac foundation, Hard Candy bronzer, MSF in Soft and Gentle for highlight, and blush in "Harmony" for contouring. I...
  3. Anatevka

    Lurkin' ain't easy....

    Yeah. Hi! I have been a registered lurker for a long time. Haha. That sounds kind of creepy, doesn't it. Anyway.
  4. Anatevka

    Release Event

    hi, i was asked to model for the holiday event. does anyone know if i will get a discount on the products, or will i be compensated in any way? i'm excited enough that i was asked... but i'm just curious.
  5. Anatevka

    cover letter for resume

    hi, i was encouraged by an M.A to apply and along with the application, i want to include my resume and possible my portfolio. when you were applying to a cosmetics counter, what did you include in your cover? your experience, industry contacts, why you want to work for the counter...? sorry...
  6. Anatevka

    need help! lime greens for a wedding.

    saturday i'm going to a wedding.. its very casual. okay, my shoes are lime green heels. i'm trying to think of some kind of look.. here are the green things i have. lucky lime shadestick limeplay liquid last humid, and swimming kelly green and chartreuse pigments shade fluid line. milani...
  7. Anatevka

    Lancome's FATALE mascara

    so, i bought this today (and lucked out - GWP!) so far, its amazing. my HG since M.A.C. mascaras leave more to be desired. i'm just wondering how you all apply this. its kinda tricky to get used to at first. and also, whats your FAVOURITE tinted moisturizer! i really want to try the one colour...
  8. Anatevka

    i was a lurker!

    haha, i finally joined! i'm ana... a 21 year old college student.. majoring in finance... but really, an aspiring makeup artist. we'll see what happens with that. anyway, privet! :]
  9. Anatevka

    beauty is a curse on the world...

    okay, so i don't have my digital camera right now... and my makeup looked AMAZING yesterday so i decided to take some pictures with my camera phone. bad idea.... i had my makeup very, very dark... (dark soul pigment, black tied) with some bronze (milani shadows) and it didn't even show up in the...