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  1. sedated_xtc

    Looking for freelance MUA in Miami?

    Hi everybody, I'm not too sure if this is the right forum to post this (sorry if this isn't!), but I'm looking to find a freelance MUA for my brother's wedding in Miami in November. I was wondering if anybody here would be able to either offer me their professional service, hook me up with...
  2. sedated_xtc

    Matte Eyeshadows

    Hey guys, so lately I've been pressing all my pigments (which are all very frosty and shimmery), so I'm compiling a palette of mainly matte shadows. I'm not sure if satin or velvet finishes are also more on the matte side, but i wouldn't mind throwing a couple in there as well. Any...
  3. sedated_xtc

    Recommendations for matte lipstick!

    Hi ladies! My new love = mattes!!! I've gotten Ruby Woo and Please me to start and I'm looking to widen the horizon!! Any other recommendations for NC25 with pigmented lips? MAC or non-MAC, whatever works! :):)
  4. sedated_xtc

    Foundation for NC30/25?

    Hi guys, I've been swatched with Studio Fix NC30 but I'm thinking I can go a bit lighter so I'm settling on NC25. I've tried looking for drug store brands but the Cover Girl one I got came up completely wrong. :( Any one have any idea which foundation equivalents are...
  5. sedated_xtc

    RE: Nail Art Stamping

    RE: Nail Art Stamping Does anyone have any experience with the bornprettystore stamping plates or bundle monter plates vs the konad plates? From what I see, the ones at are pretty much konad replicas (same plate numbers and patterns) whereas the bundle monsters have...
  6. sedated_xtc

    Korean Facial Paper Masks!!

    Ladies, I've recently found this new line of Koraen facial paper essence masks under MJ Care and they sound like they're pretty awesome! Has anybody here tried them? Which ones would you recommend?
  7. sedated_xtc

    setting eyeshadow/pigments?

    Hi guys, I have this problem where I prime my eyes with prep + prime for eyes and then apply pigments for eyecolour but usually by lunchtime, it's mostly faded and gone. I'm debating between using shadesticks/paints as a base but I'm trying to find a generic colour so that it's more of a base...
  8. sedated_xtc

    MAC Hello Kitty Brushes?

    Hi everybody, just wondering who's gotten a look at these and how they were comparable to the full sized ones? And another thing are these made compared to the regular ones? I heard that the holiday sets (around Christmas time) brushes are mass produced in China (or something like...
  9. sedated_xtc

    Foiling help!

    Foiling is when you use eyeshadow or something wet right? I've tried to do it with some of my pigments, but it just never works since it just clumps onto the brush and turns into a blob that refuses to budge upon contact. Any tips?
  10. sedated_xtc

    Facemaking Mascara.

    Hi everybody, I have really thin and stick straight eyelashes. Stick-straight as in even when I curl it, the curl will straighten itself out after I try to set it with mascara. I've read online that some people say it works better if you heat the eyelash curler up first but I'm always scared of...
  11. sedated_xtc

    Too obese to bear the consequences of the breaking the law...?

    I came across an article that stirred something in me. The article was about how an Ohio man that killed 2 women, ate his last meal and everything; then on the day of his execution, he says that it's inhumane for him to be put to death since he's too fat for people to be able to find his veins...
  12. sedated_xtc

    MAC Softwash vs Softwashed grey?

    Is there TWO pigments called "softwash" and "softwash grey" by MAC? I've seen people use the two separately but is one an Asian exclusive?
  13. sedated_xtc

    Asian skin + pigmented lipcolour?

    Hi everybody, I've got Asian skintones (i.e. relatively fair with yellow undertones) and I'm thinking about going with either nude or red lipcolour. If I want a pigmented colour, should I use a gloss or a lipstick with gloss over it? Does anybody have any good recommendations in regards to...
  14. sedated_xtc

    Hi, newbie here

    Hi everybody, I'm new from Canada. Does anybody know if the MAC Pro stores sell the glitters/pigments that were past limited edition colours at a jacked up price? I tried looking on the site and saw that there's no prices on the macpro site but when I looked on ebay, there's a buch of the...