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  1. RobinG

    Las Vegas MAC Stores

    Hello All. I will be visiting Vegas at the end of this month. I was wondering if anyone has a favorite Store/Counter in the area? I know there is a pro store ( I plan to visit it).
  2. RobinG

    My rough EOTD

    Hello I am allways commenting to everyone so here is my very very rough EOTD. Any CC is welcomed. used: Fascinating liner(lid base) Pearl CCB(browbone) Going Bananas (inner lid) Fab & Flashy (mid lid) Firespot (Outer corner) Nylon(highlight) Blacktrack fluidline Black Tied Loomlash
  3. RobinG

    MAC Eotd for 8-29-06

    Hello. Went to a local store and this is what the MA did. She taught me to use fascinating as a base to make colors pop. She broke the tip off and rubbed it around a dish with a brush untill it was very creamy. The pictures were taken after 6 hours. Any tips or pointers would be great...
  4. RobinG

    Odd CCO buy

    Hi I was at a local CCO and found an odd looking eyeshadow. It came in a copper looking box, Its in a cooper container, and its called Leisuretime. What and when did this come out? I dont ever remember seeing this packaging before.
  5. RobinG

    what new colors are LE

    for the sundressing and Lure what shadows and pigments are LE?
  6. RobinG


    Are all the products in sundressing LE?
  7. RobinG

    Self tanning lotions

    Hi Just wondering what is the best product to use out there on the market?
  8. RobinG

    Los Angeles trip this may

    Hello All. I am planning a trip to L.A at the end of May with my family. Our main palce to visit is Disneyland. Can anyone living there tell us what is a good place to stay? We would also like to visit Hollywood, Beverly Hill's, and the beach.
  9. RobinG

    First eotd

    Hello all comments welcomed. My first post, and I know my skills are not up to those that are regulars here. I used: base light paint all over spring up inner V and inner 3rd of lid overgrown lid, crease, outer V, and lower lash line Juxt crease to brow Nylon under brow Meadow to line...
  10. RobinG

    My MAC

  11. RobinG


    I picked one of these up today. I was wondering how to use it? IE; like paints and CCB?
  12. RobinG

    photobucket full?

    On Some of the threads some of the pictures read photobucket full. What does this mean?
  13. RobinG

    what to use with Parrot e/s

    Hi Just wondering what looks really great with Parrot?