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  1. eastsidesunset

    I'm actually getting scared-- Long vent, sorry

    My boyfriend- bless his heart- has always been known to overreact. I've known this for years, and I've put up with more than I probably should have. But today was different. He's been having problems at work, and has been looking for a new job for a while. He applied for one within the company...
  2. eastsidesunset

    My quad smells like smoke!

    I bought a quad and shadow through a livejournal community, and they both reek of smoke. I thought at first it may have been the plastic, but it's been cleaned with alcohol (as well as a quick swipe on the shadows) to get rid of the smell, but nothing's worked! I emailed the seller, but haven't...
  3. eastsidesunset

    Body Image and Depression

    For years I've dealt with the world's most difficult thyroid (it's gone back an forth between high and low for years, and doctors haven't been able to treat it one way without forcing it in the opposite direction). Part of the problem with the constant back and forth for me has been a total loss...
  4. eastsidesunset

    Gyms in Chicago

    I thought I would give this a shot, and I hope this is the right place. My bf and I are looking for a gym, and I'd kill for some suggestions in the Chicagoland area (we're actually in the city, but are willing to try places in the near surrounding burbs). Anyone go somewhere they absolutely...
  5. eastsidesunset

    Oh brother, what do I do about this man?!?

    I recently got engaged, and so far, it's been more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be. He doesn't want to tell anyone until after my birthday (which is in Feb.) because he thinks the family will take it better if they're told when I'm closer to being done with college (I'm in my fifth...
  6. eastsidesunset

    So confused! Please help!

    My boyfriend and I are having a romantic dinner tomorrow (which I'm cooking, and oh boy am I at a loss there, haha) for our 5 month anniversary. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it took six years for us to get together (he was the high school sweetheart) and this is the longest relationship...