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  1. HeatherNicole

    Keying Makeup for a Fashion Show Competition

    Ok so I was contacted by a designer and asked to do her makeup for the emerging designers competition at Virginia Fashion Week. I agreed, and met with the designer last night to discuss details. This morning I was making updates to my fanpage and website, and I just decided to click on the vafw...
  2. HeatherNicole

    She's a Senior Now!

    Here's a look from a shoot I did last sat with girl I know, who is now a senior! Products used: MUFE Concealor Pallet 2 Iman Stick Foundation: Earth 6 & Sand 5 MAC e/s Bronze Woodwinked and some purple color I can't remember lol Dex New York Harlem Nights...
  3. HeatherNicole

    Depressed on Holidays and Birthdays... is this normal?

    So it seems like no matter what I feel sad or depressed on holidays. My birthday is monday and it seems like today, and every on today I start to feel super empty and alone. I'm surrounded by beautiful folks, but i feel i don't know unhappy. I thought that id feel different this year as i...
  4. HeatherNicole

    Just The Way You Are....

    Here's a face from my photoshoot today: Face: Iman Earth Six Eyes: 88 color pallet: Orange Gold & Mineral Green w/silver mixed with mineral blue w/ silver Lips:88 color pallet: Orange Gold & Mineral Green w/silver mixed with mineral blue w/ silver Photo's by Kimie James of IYQ...
  5. HeatherNicole

    am i such a freak.... Facebook movie

    because i want to see the facebook movie? It looks so interesting, plus the trailer, which i am sure will be anticlimactic I see it, compels my emotions lol. What do you folks think? YouTube - ‪Facebook movie 'The Social Network' Trailer‬‎
  6. HeatherNicole

    FOTD Ketchep.....

    So I stole this look from a Dex New York Face Chart and did a slight mod.... All products are Mac unless noted Harlem Nights - Dex WoodWink Humid Yellow Costal Scents Maybeline Mineral Power Foundation Light Beige mixed with Medium Dark Raizin Plastique ALL DRESSED UP..... to go to the...
  7. HeatherNicole

    Tropical Delight

    FOTD on my bestie Face: NYC- Concealor Brown Brow Pencill Maybeline- Mineral Power Liquid Foundation MAC- Raizin Blush Eyes: 88 color pallete Sunset Orange Coastal Blue Mineral Blue Lips: Sally Henson Cherry Gloss
  8. HeatherNicole

    I think I might have

    So, I think I might have PCOS, anybody familiar with it? Any tips? I recently got insured and am waiting on my clearance to see my doctor and have them to check me out for it. Truth be told I'm scared. There's a history of reproductive problems in my family, and while I'll be happy to know whats...
  9. HeatherNicole

    Industrial Resolution

    Here's a funky FOTD I did this morning, well two, a metallic neutral and a industrial creation. Face: NYC - Light Concealor Jet Black Eye Pencil Almay - Pure Blend Foundation Eyes: Dex Mineral Loose Pigment- The Cloisters Pearl Columbus Circle Titanium MAC- Carbon Cheek: MAC- Raizin Dessert...
  10. HeatherNicole


    Ok so at the moment I need a Christina to my Merideth. My ex, got married yesterday! I'm over him, and mucho happy for him. But here's my problem: the guy who caused me emotional pain, is happy, off having honeymoon sex and here I am alone! I want a great guy to be happy with. I'm not looking...
  11. HeatherNicole

    Slow Dancing In a Burning Room - My first FOTD

    Sorry its alittle blurry, but my inspiration was the aftershock of fire, going from red to black with a sutt in between! Face: Sephora Foundation Primer Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC45 Contour - Raisin Blush - Dessert Rose Eye: 120 Palette Combination of Red,Orange, Gold, Blue and Black. Hair...
  12. HeatherNicole

    In Your Honest Opinion: Should I Chop It?

    Hey peeps, Okay so I want a BIG BIG BIG hair change for myself. I'm considering going from sholdier length hair to a sleek really short bob. My concern is I feel like I have a fat face and it may not look as good as I want it too. What do you think? My hair now: The Style I want: I...
  13. HeatherNicole

    HELP! I think I ruined Carbon

    Hopefully this is the correct place for this, if not sorry and feel free to move it. Okay so I was cleaning my pro palette case and normally I soak it in hot water, then clean the case itself so its not a nasty germ breeding ground. Anyway I sat down to clean up the excess makeup with...
  14. HeatherNicole

    Questions You Should Ask In Makeup Classes

    * First and Foremost, I apologize if there's a thread or this is the wrong place. I searched, but didn't find anything. OK, so I am a mua in training. I've set up appointments with a few local mua to have a private time of teaching and instruction, as I want to get up to par before going into...
  15. HeatherNicole

    Hey, From Richmond/Charlotte!

    Hey guys, I've been lurking the forum for maybe a week and am so exicited to be apart of this. I'm a 22 year old aspiring makeup artist, and have been pursuing this for maybe two years. I love mac, smashbox, and urban decay, and I look forward to learning more from all of you!