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  1. missmacqtr

    visiting New york for first time.

    Good Morning, how are you lovely ladies? i really miss you so much,but i'v been too busy with my new job. well,i will be visting NY on October for the FIRST TIME; with my husband and my two kids,and i read alot on the web but would be grateful if you can suggest me places to stay in and...
  2. missmacqtr

    more Juicy & more MAC!!

    ok i really need to stop!! and i'm still waiting for my Heatherette haul!! All the Beauty Powder Blush stereo rose MSF some backup from Fafi margin blush scanty l/s Finally Strobeblossom and some other things lol Daydreamer Tote..this is gorgeous bag. now i'm thinking i...
  3. missmacqtr

    when Royalty meets the Indian ink!

    Hi, i hope you like it lovely ladies.. Eyes: NYX purple jumbo pencil golden lemon pig Milani Royalti e/s Mac Indian Ink e/s Nylon e/s prestige eyeliner telescopic mascara Lips: Masque l/s Perky l/g
  4. missmacqtr

    My goegeous NYX haul! gotta see HAREM!

    HEY, i love NYX ,,take a look i just fall in ove with Harem lipstick it's awsome!so hot! i did some pink l/s swatches so u know what i mean with flash what do u think?
  5. missmacqtr

    a pic i found on a magazine inspired me!

    HEy, well i saw this pic and i wanted to copy it ,and another reason i wanted to try a palette that i bought from a store in here,which holds 15 wet shadows.i think i like is so far Here is the magazine pic i know mine is not that good lol eyes: a wet shadow palette(...
  6. missmacqtr

    My Fafi Look!

    I so fall in love with GlamYOURUs Fafi makeover so i tried to copy it what do u all think? Eyes: otherworldly pp Fafi quad 2 blacktrack FL feline Lancom Mascara Lips: Strawbaby
  7. missmacqtr

    some girls get all the Juicy and Fafi!!

    HEY! i'm so happy finally my packages arrived carrying the greatest stuff on earth MAC & juicy from Fafi , i love this cute bag ,, i even got the Fafi stickers mailer and the poster and the bag and my baby JUICY BAG ..
  8. missmacqtr

    A BlueStorm!

    [center]lol i stole the backgrounds from macfafi site cute aren't they! ..and i hate how the glitter is showing here on the picture
  9. missmacqtr

    contouring trio

    i really like this ..and the video is very helpful ..take a look.. just click on the pic what do you think? BTW i think the LED lights on this compact are really cute
  10. missmacqtr

    3D passionate!

    EYES (all MAC) : Passionate e/s cloudburst e/s Nanogold e/s mac 3D SILVER( i know it's not safe to use on my eyes) feline liner LIPS: Rimmel’s new Full Volume Liquid Lip Colour Thank's for looking!
  11. missmacqtr

    my latest haul!

    so happy with the piggys omg i'm in love with them all Most of them i got from lovely ladies here on Specktra..and there are few still to arrive from ebay oh i'v always wanted to get my hands on this.. and from Ulta..the best from Stila
  12. missmacqtr


    FACE MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NC35 MAS natural in Medium Warmed MSF EYES UDPP woodwincked showstopper shroom(highlight) Espresso (eyebrows) Blacktrack FL BENEFIT Kohl Loreal mascara LIPS Mac Bare
  13. missmacqtr

    emerald green and clue

    I USED FACE MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NC35 Sheer Mystery Powder Lighthearted EYES UDPP Emeralad Green clue cloudBurst Blacktrak FL Diorsow Black out shroom(highlight) Espresso (eyebrows) LIPS Mac Supersequin MAC LG electro lush
  14. missmacqtr

    new haul!

    i got these.. VS PJs
  15. missmacqtr

    parrot and charred

    I USED FACE MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NC35 Sheer Mystery Powder Lighthearted EYES UDPP Charred Parrot Vanilla(highlight) Espresso (eyebrows) NYX glitter in jade BENEFIT GETBENT LASH LIPS Mac Rozz Revival MAC pG PLUS LUXE I HOPE YOU LIKE IT
  16. missmacqtr

    my lovely specktra contest gift and a haul!

    Thank you Specktra Betsey Johnson Bracelet Michael Kors Lip Gloss Balm..yummy! Urban Decay Best Of Urban Philosophy Grace Bath, Shampoo & Shower Gel and philosophy 'sugar plum fairy' lip shine CANDY GLITTER LINER..i really love them some swatches... M.A.C postcards...
  17. missmacqtr

    coach haul!

    This is my new COASH bag and A wallet.. and look who is trying to find something for herself in the box
  18. missmacqtr

    Fafi,Hello Kitty and other stuff haul!

    Hi, well when i first saw Fafi i fall in love with her and i was diggin' for all her stuff lately Fafi cute .. some postcards with fafi arts ..just lovely HK compact mirror and comb set.. and a sticky notes pin... a plush .. a pair of Sandals an OPI nailploish...
  19. missmacqtr

    My Bling Bling M.A.C brushes

    Hi, look at what i did to my presious MAC 4 brushes... it's a stick-on crystals and stones that you can use to create your phone..instead i use them on m brushes.. what do you think ?i really like the result and i might do the rest of my mac brushes..BTH i can remove them so...
  20. missmacqtr

    My first EOTD..

    Hello ladies.. Just wanna show u my eyes MU that i'v wore yesterday.. I have used : pandamonium quad Benifit High brow blacktrack fluidline Benifit Mascara i'm not that please would love to hear ur opinions