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    Retinol burns

    You need to tell them. They will know the best way to help you. And once your skin is fixed, do not go above the percentage of tretinoin you're prescribed.
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    Retinol burns

    Have you seen a dermatologist about this?
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    Do you Trust your Hairstylist?

    My stylist has rarely recommended products for my hair, and has never tried to sell me anything.
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    Resolution Mindful Buy 2023

    (2022 thread) 2023 marks nine-plus years since the first Low-Buy thread was started on here way back in December 2013 (that thread was focused on 2014)! Last year I decided to change the name to Mindful Buy to focus less on the amount of money spent on makeup (although that can be helpful for...
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    We are a beauty Youtube channel? How can i promote us correctly within the guidelines?

    You can say you have a video about a thing, but you cannot link to it or embed it directly. Just say there's a link to your channel in your forum signature (you are allowed to do that). The point of that rule I shared is to encourage users to engage with the forums without doing self-promotion...
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    Resolution Mindful Buy 2022

    My total makeup spending for 2022 was 54 percent less than what I spent in 2021, and pretty much everything I bought is something I've enjoyed using. I'm still thinking a little bit about what I'd like to focus on in 2023.
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    We are a beauty Youtube channel? How can i promote us correctly within the guidelines? We also have a Shameless Promotions section where you are allowed one thread after you've reached a ten-post minimum and have been a member for at least a week.
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    brow inking probs

    Are you microblading your own brows or are you using some sort of brow ink that's supposed to be permanent? Microblading is supposed to last a couple of years before you need touching up, not something you do all the time.
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    Hey everyone :)

    :wavey: Welcome! Please keep in mind not every member of Specktra is a woman.
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    Favorite organic and natural make up brands

    I don't believe organic is the "only" way to go (natural/organic are not always better), but it is a way to go. IMO, better to use the products you have and make more mindful purchasing decisions.
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    Loose powder

    I'm personally not a loose powder user these days, and I can't recommend one of the ones I used to use because it no longer exists, and another one I've used in the past is out of your budget. That said, I can tell you Laura Mercier's translucent loose powder ($40 USD full size; $24 USD for a...
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    Loose powder

    What's your skin type? How much are you willing to spend?
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    Hi everyone 👋

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    Hello Everyone

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    Hi everybody💕 I am a newbie here😊

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    How often should I use face scrub?

    It doesn't matter if you use a store bought physical exfoliant or your homemade one, IMO. You don't want to overexfoliate your skin, which is why it's recommended to do so only once or twice a week.
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    Best Products for Body Acne?

    Pretty much any acne skincare you'd use on your face can be used on the body. Something with salicylic acid can help with breakouts; niacinamide can help with fading acne scars.
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    Best Skincare Routine for Face Cleansing

    The most basic daytime routine is cleanse, moisturize, sunscreen. The most basic nighttime routine is first cleanse (to remove makeup and/or sunscreen), second cleanse, moisturize. Slightly more elaborate would be to use serums in between cleansing and moisturizing, typically from thinnest to...
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    milky pink nail polish

    If you have a brand of nail polish that typically lasts well on you, why not just look for a milky pink from that particular brand?