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    outer lashes were NOT cooperating EYES- bare escentuals eye primer haunting e/s stars n' rockets e/s cinderfella e/s hot contrast mineralize e/s kryolan glitter red e/s revlon liquid last liner avon glimmerstick eyeliner revlon lash fantasy mascara lolol thanks for looking!
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    cakey look by end of the day..

    okay, so.. basically for my face stuff i moisturize, put on MAC select cover-up concealer, and then bare minerals foundation. before i left my house, my face looked fine as far as my blemishes being covered.. but today when i got home i looked pretty much cakey. i'm not sure how to describe...
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    it's been a while

    I finally got my hands on a red eyeshadow and i think i've finally found a good setting on my camera so these pictures came out alot better than ones from my old fotds. infamous flimsy eyebrow hair, lulz face - select cover-up bare minerals foundation refined golden bronzing powder...
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    style warriors EOTD

    um, i have no clue whatsup with the flimsy eyebrow-hair.. hah USED - cakeshop shadestick bright future e/s vibrant grape e/s tempting e/s revlon liquidlast liner great lash mascara <3 these colors.. they look so good together
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    another one D:

    face - mac select cover-up concealer bare minerals foundation eyes - beige-ing shadestick aquavert e/s dear cupcake e/s stars 'n' rockets e/s cloudburst e/s hoppin' e/s revlon liquidlast liner avon eyeliner greatlash mascara lips - carmex <3 live and dye lipglass thanks for looking
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    3rd FOTD=]

    hmm, i wanted to experiment after coming home from eating sushi<3! with my mom, brother + gma and this is what i came up with, the base creased a little because i had just worn it all day with no eyeshadow + eyelids are oily. also, hope everyone had a great day/happy mothers day face -...
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    2nd FOTD

    heyy everyone.. i've been wanting to post a fotd for a while but my camera doesn't do me much justice when it comes to taking pictures of my makeup [these pictures were acceptable i suppose].. but these will do for now! by the way, in person.. the colors were way more blended + vibrant.. man i...
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    1st FOTD :o

    I finally was able to buy chrome yellow, and the MUA was nice enough to pick out 2 other colors that would work well with chrome yellow + orange. I was bored at home yesterday so I was messing around with some of the new colors I bought oh, and excuse the hair haha YouTube - kuuipo1207's...
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    'I love money' on VH1

    FINALLY, there's a new show with a bit of a different concept. The preview for this season looks pretty good, i'm most likely gonna keep up with it. What'd you all think of the premiere? Worth watching in your opinion, or no?