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    What exfoliators do you use for your face?

    Did you know there are chemical and physical exfoliators you could use based on your skin type? What do you use for yours?
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    Do you pick your pimples?

    Do you pick your pimples?
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    When do you need to start your anti-aging skincare?

    You're right. For the people who still haven't seen any signs yet, it's better to wing the anti-aging skincare routine as early as possible. For those looking to erase or at least fade what's already there, treatments are there, but oh boy, why did they have to be so expensive? lol
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    How to "smooth" out your lips?

    Agree with shellygrrl on this one. I love matte lipsticks but because they have some sort of drying ingredient, it tend to show ore texture and actually dries out the lips more (though I heard there are some that have moisturizing benefits, too. Forgot which one. Might come to you on that...
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    Would you recommend sugar scrubs for the face?

    I hear you. What kind of scrub do you use?
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    Would you recommend sugar scrubs for the face?

    Also, coffee scrub, anyone? I actually find it a bit too abrasive but I'm curious if others feel the same thing.
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    Do you use your serum before or after your moisturizer?

    I know the drill. Layering products from thinnest to thickest, right? But what if your serum is thicker than your moisturizer?
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    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    Cool! Imma check it out! Thanks!
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    When do you need to start your anti-aging skincare?

    I agree. Some people suggest starting as soon as you hit 25 or so. But I guess you can't fix something that ain't broken. Have you tried others aside from rosehip oil?
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    When do you need to start your anti-aging skincare?

    Is there any particular age where you REALLY need to start thinking about keeping your skin young or do you just start as the wrinkles and lines come?
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    Where does bakuchiol come from?

    They say it's good for anti-aging, but has anyone ever tried it yet?
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    Totally lost, where to start? Skincare routine knowledge: lvl 0?

    Hi there! First of all, I'd like to say many of us can relate to this. When you see a lot of influencers in social media flaunting their skincare routine and see how gorgeous they look, you'll really find yourself wondering how in the world it's possible. As far as your skincare routine is...
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    Higher Education Skincare

    Thanks for your response. I'll go check it out later. :D
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    lose weight

    But how does one lose weight without looking like the Michelin Man?
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    Hello, Clara Peterson! Welcome to Specktra!
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    Do you ever have a moment when you didn't care about your acne anymore?

    It's a great mystery. Pimples and acne don't have a particular schedule, but they show up on those occasions when you really don't want them there. Sometimes, though, I wake up with a zit on my forehead and just don't care to be bothered by it anymore. Any of you have the same thoughts?
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    My Collection [PIC HEAVY] (Updated July 12, 2019)

    And then you're down to just a few!
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    Menstrual cup? Anyone has experience?

    I've been reading on menstrual cups, too, just out of curiosity. Based on what I've seen so far, it looks like a bipolar review of loving it or hating it. It's a nice way of saving the money and minimizing the trash in the dump if you think about it, but in the end if you still have to use pads...
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    e.l.f skin essentials

    I wonder if their oil is okay for any skin type.
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    Is it possible to eliminate dark cirkles under eyes?

    Were you able to take care of your dark under eye circles? Most of what you needed to know have already been said by the others here, rubbing ice cube around the eye area may also help. But it's really much better to catch some good night's sleep. If you really can't avoid the all-nighters...