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    Any pics of the Carry All?

    I have the 1.9 and its getting too small, does anyone have a pic of the NEW Mac traincase, the carry all? M·A·C Cosmetics | Carry All Case I searched, but it gives me everything!
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    Another haul

    Typical haul ... **not shown is my pointblack liquidlast liner ... which i loooooove. Also, got drunk at a bar and dropped my LE Raquel Welch beauty powder!!!! Aaaaaargh, thank GOD mac makes a little container for goofy girls like me:
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    VMA weekend

    First FOTD is a loooooooong time: Night of VMA's Face: NC400 Studio Fix C4 Racquel Welch Beauty Powder Refined Bronzer Eyes: All that Glitters Mothbrown Club #7 lashes Lips: Viva Glam 5 MAXIM party @ my job (Mandalay Bay) Face: NC400 Studio Fix C4 Racquel Welch Beauty Powder...
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    FOTD Smoked eyes with Falsies

    ivory/walnut brow set electra, carbon, beauty marked, retrospeck eyeshadow #7 mac lashes pointblack liquid last pitchblack zoom mascara jellybabe lip gelee sorry for the t-zone, it always looks like that:
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    New Year's Eve

    CCB Shell, Electra/Suspicion/Carbon/Black Tied eyeshadows, Smolder liner, point black liquid last, zoomlash in coal black, and #7 Mac lashes Fine China lipglass (I'm obviously the Asian girl, in case you didn't know by now).
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    Falsies FOTD

    This is from last night: Brows: clear wax walnut/ivory brow filler spiked brow pencil eyes: Shell ccb suspicion - innuendo - carbon eyeshadows arden lashes zoom lash in black point black liquid last liner face: nc400 golden bronzer lips: fine china Without Flash: With flash (don't mind...
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    FOTN - Going Out

    This was moved to Hair Salon ... i guess because I didn't list what I was using? SOweee! NC 400 / Shimpagne MSF Grain / Romp / Point Black liquidlast / pitch black zoom lip conditioner
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    FOTN - Curls

    First time using the liquidlast liners!
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    Old Haul

    Nocturnelle: Suspicion e/s innuendo e/s Zoomblack zoom lash Embraceable l/s Well dressed blush Formal Black: Tan - all revealing l/s, embrace l/s, headliner l/g (LOVE THEM ALL!!!) Brows: Brow shader - walnut/ivory Brow finisher in clear (LOVE THEM!!!) Viva Glam VI (hate it) and Hyperreal NC400
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    FOTD Black Friday

    **DISCLAIMER** You can't buy the glow at any MAC counters -- it's natural -- it's called "I met a new boy and he makes me glow" glow. Since my boyfriend and I split up, I haven't been able to post, because I felt like shit of course. Well, I met a new MAN and we're going out tonight...
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    Happy Turkey Day and new hair cut

    Eyes: Honeylove, Romp, Antique, Zoom lash Lips: love nectar l/g
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    I Won $5000!!!

    Yeah, it's legit. It's an ATM contest Bank of America was doing this summer. The first thing I did was call the bank --- you know I did! This is what my letter said, it was FEDEX certified: Congratulation Cathy V---! "From May 1st until July 31st, Bank of America rewarded customers who made...
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    a NEW Haircut and Dye Job

    I go to Pileggi on the Square in Philly - been going there forever, very expensive, but worth every penny. The hairstylist there do the Eagles and Sixers cheerleaders hair too, but I'm no damn cheerleader! Bronze CCB Retrospeck Soba Embark (sooooo boring, I know, but my central air is STILL...
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    My "Nothing to brag about" HAUL

    I went to the new Mac store at the Pier at Caesars casino - Atlantic City - and just wanted to walk in and see it. I felt guilty - almost as if I were cheating on my MACY's MA, LOL! Anyway, the girl at the counter asks "Ever shopped MAC before." I just smiled and said, "Ooooh, yeah --too...
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    YAY!!! I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally got them!!!

    My beakers! Because I'm a nerd!!! It took me forever to find them!
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    MAC 116 Brush

    Ok - so I've only been buying MAC for about 6 years, but just started buying brushes like maybe 3 years. I bought this on ebay and the font looks so big compared to my other brushes. Could it be possible that it's made a different time, it feels authentic - not cheap wood, the hair feels very...
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    Central Air is broken - so here's my sweaty FOTD

    Hush ccb Retrospeck, mulch, tempting, bronze, black tied teddy and smother liner
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    Pyrex Beaker question ....

    Any MAC MA or anyone who notices little details, does anyone know the size of the Pyrex beakers that are on the counters for lipglosses, liners, jellies, etc? I want to buy them, but what size is it? I think it's 250 ml, I was going to get the 400 ml. I'm real stupid when it comes to...
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    The Hardest FOTD ever because ...

    everything was so friggin messy. I did the smokey eye look. inspired by Britney's Allure cover. Please do not mind all the seriousness in the pictures, I could have swore I was a model today. I'm going to a friend's dinner party tonight and I had to have my "grown and sexy" game face on. It...
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    Fire!!! Fire!!! Fire!!! and Element of course -FOTD

    So I got this new dress today - red and cream. So I wore this with it: Hyperreal 300 Studio Fix Fluid NC35 Enriched Bronze Shimpagne Heat and Element Romp Graphic Brown Pitchblack pro lash blonde on blonde l/s subculture l/l