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    help me find a cross body clutch handbag?

    hi ladies, can anyone help me find a cross-body clutch handbag similar to this one but in black at a reasonable price--maybe under $25? i've been looking everywhere! tia...
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    Mac Red Blusher out of these 3?

    hi ladies and gents, i'm looking for a red blusher from mac that is a true red, with good color payoff and without being too pink it seems that mac only has 3 reds: movie star red (ccb) flame red (satin) frankly scarlet (matte) any recs please? i'm nc30 for...
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    hayden panetierre's falsies

    can anyone rec a dupe for hayden panetierre's false eyelashes? preferably something cheap / easy to get a hold of, like ardell? tia!
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    what to pair w/ these shoes? [pic]

    i just bought these and am having trouble thinking of different outfits for them so far i've got dark skinny jeans and a blouse maybe but any other ideas? they're dark brown with red green and yellow/orange straps
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    Nail Dotter Tools

    Hey ladies I'm wondering if anyone would know of where to get something like this? It's a nail dotter that's got changeable dotting tools (kind of looks like a pen). I've looked online at Sally's but they don't seem to have anything like this... TIA!!
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    micro ring hair extensions

    i know there's a sticky on this, but i wanted some feedback have any of you tried the micro ring or bead hair extensions? did you use one or two beads, and did you have any trouble with them falling out? how many strands did you use and what length did you use? i've google searched places...
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    strong false lash glue

    can y'all make some recs for a good strong false lash glue for me? i wanna put on individual lashes and have them stay for as long as possible, including in the shower/sleeping/etc. i have a friend who wears half strips for a week at a time and wears duo but she washes her eye area veeerrrry...
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    milky pink nail polish (pics)

    can anyone rec a milky pink nail polish (brand doesn't matter) that only requires a max of two coats and is non-streaky? TIA! Kim Kardashian Vegas Magazine How-To Makeup Video: Part 1 Kim Kardashian Pictures - Kim Kardashian Leaving Nail Salon In Beverly Hills - Zimbio Kim Kardashian Pictures...
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    keratin hair straightening

    has anyone tried this or know someone who has? did they like it or hate it and why? my aunt is a hairdresser and volunteered to do my hair, which is thin but curly, and i'm contemplating doing/not doing it... thanks for your input!
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    a specific purple look

    hey guys i was looking around the forum a few days ago and came across a photo from one of the ladies here who did a purple look using plum dressing (and maybe cranberry). she had brown eyes and i thought it might be fancyfacebeater but i looked through her pics and can't find it. i even...
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    kim k dress rec

    can anyone find anything similar to the dress she's wearing? the cheaper the better tia!
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    have curly, want wavy hair

    hey guys, i have naturally curly hair that i let air dry to get the curls, but i was wondering if there's a certain way i can style my hair when it's wet to get just wavy hair? maybe a product also? i've tried braiding my hair, but maybe i'm doing it too tightly or loosely? idk?? help!! TIA...
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    hairspray marks

    hi ladies, i was wondering if y'all have recs for getting hairspray off of hair pieces like headbands and hair clips?? hairspray always makes those small shiny dots on hair pieces when i spray my hair and they don't come out w/ soap and water... any recs??? TIA!
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    how would i wear this ruffle shirt??

    hi ladies--i got this ruffle shirt and i have no idea how to wear it? do i just wear as is? how about if I want to layer? can anyone provide any pictures for examples? tia!!
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    Balloonacy Facecharts

    Does anyone have them and could share? I've been searching for these for a while and still can't find anything... Thanks guys!
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    mineralize skinfinishes

    i broke my msf a while back, but luckily the dome just popped off in one piece from the rest of the msf. if anyone has ever used a full one, are msfs seated on some kind of a plastic/synthetic material (it has a bunch of rings in it like a bulls eye) that isn't part of the actual makeup...
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    what lipstick is this??

    I must know! Mac, drugstore, anything! TIA!!
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    golden eyes

    hey all! first off, here's a look i was playing around with at like 1am the night before... lancome white e/s (white e/s w/ a greenish/gold undertone) crystal avalanche goldmine carbon don't mind the falsies, i kept playing w/ them. oh, and i grew a mole for the first time ever! and here's...
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    purple sunset

    hey ladies, i'm totally slacking lol. here's a look i did only on half my face cuz i'm lazy. this was inspired by Purple, Pink, and Orange Smokiness on Flickr - Photo Sharing! she's on youtube. and she's amazing! eyes: violet trance (LE from pandamonium quad from balloonacy collection) plum...
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    Aubrey O'Day 'Damaged' Attempt!

    Hey ladies! I finally get a break from school/studying--well, sort of, lol. Anyways, I plan on posting more fotds for the next few weeks, and cc is totally welcome! This fotd was inspired by Aubrey O'Day's makeup in 'Damaged'--idk who she is--pussycat dolls maybe? Anyways, it was a...