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    Ebayer claiming people's mac is fake... Warning!

    I've just had such an ordeal on eBay. And through her feedback and contacting other sellers, she has done the same to them I sold a mac pallette with 13 eyeshadows, including four from the Barbie collection, a surf baby and other rare ones for 70.00. Three weeks later she opened a dispute...
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    Quick wonderwoman brush set help

    I picked up the wonderwoman eye brush belt set today at a cco in York. The brushes it came with, and the brushes wrote on the box are the 109, 213 and 224 But according to temptalia and other blogs, the 109 shouldn't be in this kit. I know it can't be fake as its from a cco. Any ideas?
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    Was mac blue pigment released with pool party

    A trusted ebayer has listed mac blue pigment and has said it was from the pool party collection, but on here and temptalia there are no mentions of any pigments. She said it was exclusive to Selected pro members only, if so, is this this original blue or the second release?
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    im feeling so low

    I'm feelings pretty down right now and have been having thoughts of harming myself( I used to self harm daily for about 6 years) but as of now I'm a trainee psychiatric nurse and I feel as I'm in a position supporting people with similar issues, I shouldnt feel this way. I think it's mainly due...
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    Im so mad! What do i do?

    I bought candy yum yum from ebay for 35 quid! and its fake. I ccant get decent photos but the tubes wider, and most importantly, instead of the vanilla smell, its cheap plastic. the lipstick shape isnt smooth, it has edges and lines wtf. This is the seller...
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    got to be fake for this cheap! thoughts?
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    What do you think would suit me?

    This is me, except i now have brown hair! Im only good with lipsticks, i never ever wear eyeshadows but i need to start. Im interested in NARS because on BNTM Grace woodward was wearing Carthage and I HAD to order it the second i saw it, its beautiful! So any suggestions would be...
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    Can someone experianced with MAC help me. Fake?

    She says its a new cyndi lauper collection. I figured you ladies know more than me. I dont want to be conned. I thought she only did one colour...
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    Sh scars

    I have some very noticeable scars from self harm on my arms. Ive tried bio oil but it doesnt seem to work. The only thing that helps is sunbeds, but im adamant i wont be using them anymore. They dont actually bother me, its just im a psychiatric student nurse, so it could be triggering for...
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    Deep pigmented purple lips?

    Ive been searching high and low for a brightly coloured violetty, purple. I recently bough violetta MAC and was so dissapointed on how it looks on me. From swatches online I was expecting it to look bright. It looked plum/dark on me. Im looking at the OCC tars in hoochie and Katricia now you...
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    Must have MAC for begginers?

    Hey, Of all the mac products ive only ever used the lipsticks (Show orchid, Violetta, Girl about town and Up the amp) and im going on a MAC haul soon, so what must have stuff would you reccommend? Bare in mind im not good with eyeshadows and liners, just average. I like bold colours...
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    Hi girlies (and guys!)

    Ive been a long time lurker, but i thought why not join? My names Michaela, im 19 and im a student psychiatric nurse, i work with depression, schizophrenia, bdd, ed's ect ect I only recently developed an obsession with makeup since starting uni. Im not that in the know about alot...