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  1. Bey28

    WOC: MUFE F&B shade 18 or 26

    Hi Ladies, For reference I've been color matched to MAC NC45 but I've been using MUFE F&B in Dark Beige (#26). Sometimes I find the color slightly off and maybe just a tad too light. Anybody in the same color range as me use Camel (#18). I have yellow undertones by the way and I was wondering...
  2. Bey28

    Face and Body C7 discontinued:(

    Face and Body C7 has been discontinued and so has C8 I love this foundation and the color suits me perfectly so this sucks!
  3. Bey28

    Northern Light for darker skin tones (NC45)

    Hi All, I'm NC45 and I've been trying to make Northern Light MSF work. It's just not happening Any suggestions or should I just take it back? It's so pretty but if I can't get it to work then it really is a waste of money? Tell me your shade i.e NC45 and let me know how you use it. TIA
  4. Bey28

    Face Secrets Makeup Brushes? Yay or Nay?

    Sally Beauty Supply sells Face Secret makeup brushes. If you have any opinions or comments about the quality, application, etc. for these brushes please let me know. I'm thinking about purchasing a few because from what I can tell they seem like pretty good brushes for a reasonable cost. Thanks!
  5. Bey28

    Any NC45s use MUFE face and body?

    Hi Ladies. Could anyone tell me what shade to use in MUFE's face and body foundation? I'm an NC45 in MAC. Also, if you have used this foundation what are your thoughts on how it performs in hot weather, photography, whether the color changes/looks orange after a while, etc.? And any other...
  6. Bey28

    Makeup that doesn't get on clothes?

    Can anyone recommend something to keep makeup from rubbing off onto clothes? I use blot powder to set my foundation and help it stay put on my face but that won't stop it from rubbing off onto clothes. Any ideas?