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  1. myystiqueen

    what brush to get next??

    so i'm in the process of building myy mac brushes collection... i've pretty much covered the basics, except for big powder brush (still debating whether to get #134 or #150) i already have : - #129 - #187 - #182 - #109 - #168 - #239 - #217 - #224 - #226 - #214 - #266 i really want to get myy...
  2. myystiqueen

    All About Eyebrows

    i have no idea where else to ask about this.. so i make a new thread.. so i'm a brow virgin... i have never had myy brows done.. i sometimes pluck them but never really pay attention to the shape and the like... i was told that it's better to start with letting a pro to do myy brows.. if it's...
  3. myystiqueen

    What more neutrals should i get to complete myy palette??

    i know there is a 'if you have... then you don't need...' thread going... but i think it's a lot easier to just show you guys what i have... i already have (neutrals) : - sable - mulch - satin taupe - embark - antiqued - beauty burst - cork - espresso - woodwinked i'm considering : -...
  4. myystiqueen

    Brush to Apply Paint Pots

    hey there.. i'm looking for a brush to apply paint pots... i heard people use different brushes for this purpose... #217 - #242 - #252 - and even the new concealer brush #195.. which one is the best?? thanks
  5. myystiqueen

    MAC lipliner must-haves

    i'm new to this whole lipliner thingy... can anyone suggest which mac lipliners are MUST-HAVES?? most of the time, i use nudes and neutrals... peachy-beige and light pink.. but never dark one.. i assumed subculture is great for nudish pink?? i'm thinking whirl - lure - oak??
  6. myystiqueen

    Quite Natural Paintpot Dupes

    Are there any dupes for Quite natural PaintPot that came with the N Collection?? is Constructivist alike??
  7. myystiqueen

    Do i really need this e/s if i already have...?

    so i'm just about to start collecting MAC e/s and so far i only have around 25 e/s... and i think i'm going to go with one palette for highlighters/neutrals and the other one for gold-brownish... the rest of the palettes are just based on color spectrum.. i have never been able to tell much...
  8. myystiqueen

    Fabric for Pressing Pigment

    i'm planning on pressing myy pigments but uhm... i have no idea what kind of fabric i need for it.... is it just a plain fabric?? what's the best one you have found?? thanks a lot -dea
  9. myystiqueen

    MAC Makeover

    Has anyone done this before?? How much is it?? can anybody tell me more about this......?? thanks a lot -dea
  10. myystiqueen

    Wrong Shade Foundation

    I need some advices here.... i have two MAC foundation, which are Studio Fix Powder and Select SPF15... i got Studio Fix like a month ago and the MA suggested the shade NC35... i tried it at home and found that it's too light.... because basically myy face is lighter than myy neck and using the...
  11. myystiqueen

    Lighter Satin Taupe

    so basically i'm in love with NYX Iced Mocha.... i find that it's a lighter version of satin taupe.... but since i love MAC... i'm looking for the dupe of NYX Iced Mocha.... maybe satin finish preferably... ^^ thanks a lot....!!
  12. myystiqueen

    Revlon Colorstay Foundation Pump

    Revlon Colorstay Foundation bottle doesn't come with a pump... which sucks cause i tend to pour too much foundation.... anyone finds a way to solve this problem??? does mac foundation pump fit in it?? thanks
  13. myystiqueen

    MAC brushes essential and peachy nude l/s

    so i really need your opinion which of these face brushes are essential?? i already have : #187 and #168 and i'm currently lemming the : #109 #129 #134 #150 #182 which one out of the 5 brushes I really HAVE to HAVE.... ^^ cause i can't possibly afford all of them at once.... actually it's...
  14. myystiqueen

    Do I need Viva Glam V l/g if i already have the l/s??

    So i bought Viva Glam V lipstick 3 days ago and now i'm after neutral lipglass... i've been browsing through the net and found that Viva Glam V lipglass is the best one... do I really need the lipglass if i already have the lipstick?? i mean.. are they of the same or different color?? cause if...
  15. myystiqueen

    MSF For NC35

    so i'm looking for MSF that is suitable for NC35 --> meaning,, will show up on my skintone.. i'm thinking : Northern Lights - Petticoat - Light Flush i'm after peachy-beige shade... not too pink so it tends to give more of a natural glowy look...
  16. myystiqueen

    Best MAC Powder

    okay.. so i'm in need of pressed powder that i can use for touch-ups during the day.... i'm using mac studio fix powder+foundation in NC35 and even though it can easily bring it along with me in myy makeup bag, i don't feel like it... cause it has some foundation in it and i just want pure...
  17. myystiqueen

    Long-wearing lipstick n primer??

    Okay so i have just gotten into lips lately... i have only tried drugstore brands like Maybelline Superstay, Revlon Super Lustruous, NYX round l/s etc... i have also tried The Body Shop, BeneFit Her Glossiness and MAC viva glam l/s.... but the main thing is that some of the drugstore brands...
  18. myystiqueen

    Brush Roll

    I really need a brush roll to store all of myy makeup brushes... it's slightly growing up and i was having hard time finding a place to store it until i finally realized that all i need is a brush roll.... i live in an apartment so it makes it even harder for me to keep 'em all in the brush...
  19. myystiqueen

    MAC eyeshadow collection

    So uhm... i'm just starting myy MAC e/s collection.. so far i already have : 1. gesso 2. shroom 3. phloof! 4. naked lunch 5. bisque 6. kid 7. expensive pink 8. cork 9. espresso 10. amber lights 11. woodwinked 12. satin taupe 13. carbon 14. swish 15. sushi flower 16. cranberry 17...
  20. myystiqueen

    Smudge-Proof Eyeliner

    So i have really really really serious issue dealing with smudgy or smearing eyeliner..... i have tried lots of different brands but they all still smudged / smeared throughout the days,, and making me look like i have racoon eyes.. and it sucks.. cause i don't really bother checking myself on...