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  1. makeupbyomar

    MAC Face and Body foundation and Temptu

    Yes it should work. I use the iwata ninja jet compressor with the neo airbrush gun. (Airbrush systems work pretty much the same).
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    Random WOC Makeup Thoughts

    Because of the above BIPOC article, and with ongoing major concerns with the actor's agents and unions, the actors are wanting a solution. So IATSE (Film Technician Union) with all the Locals in Canada held a 4 hour Make-up Department meeting / tutorial video conference via YouTube Live with Q/A...
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    Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)

    I sprayed a few layers of 99% onto the broken pigment and pressed it down with a spatula. I continued until I got the desired finished result.
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    Favorite organic and natural make up brands

    ... Well, It's not the only way to go. It's definitly an option for sure. For me the introduction to natural, organic, and clean make-up brands came from other MuA's and actors giving us a shopping list requesting these types of make-up and skin care designations. In conjunction with Street...
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    Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)

    Salvaging this blush pan (MAC - Whole Lotta Love) from this Z palette...
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    PPI Haul

    The palette on the right is not from PPI
  7. makeupbyomar

    MUFE Haul

    More brushes...
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    Tactile contact in the work of a makeup artist 👈👉

    I totally agree with your post on this! And contributing to it without taking over your post. I used to hear the same thing in your first sentence, especially from Fashion Editorial MuA's. That's an old school myth. It's not the "heat" or the "warms up" or the "oils in your finger tips" or...
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    Simple, easy way to clean your make-up brushes.

    You're not wrong. The one disadvantage of using water, is that it takes way too long for your brushes to dry. This might work for your personal-use brushes at home. In the trailer, all our brushes need to be dried in 2 to 3 minutes. The other disadvantage of using water, is the water and...
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    Simple, easy way to clean your make-up brushes.

    Professional quick-drying brush cleaners are the best way to go… This is what I use to clean My brushes. I use the 99% to clean alcohol based make-ups.
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    MUFE Haul

    - Lip brushes... 1 square tipped and 1 rounded tipped - 2 no colour pressed powders
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    PPI Haul

    This brow palette
  13. makeupbyomar

    Cleaner for Airbrush (Temptu Airpod Pro)

    Ok, this response is 4 years late. And I am sure you've found the to this answer to this a long time ago. No, 70% won't work in flushing / cleaning your airbrush system, as it won't disolve the pigment in and around the nozzle, needle, bearing, washer, cup. 99% is the best way...
  14. makeupbyomar

    How to: Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

    Using these two brush cleaning canisters. One is for 99% (only for alcohol based make-ups), the other one is for the Wipeout Brush cleaner.
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    Random WOC Makeup Thoughts

    Here is an interesting read. BIPOC actors not being equally represented by Hair and Make-up artists on Film / Television productions.
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    Best hair straightener

    Me too. I use the Babyliss Pro ceramic flat iron. And here it is in action...
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    Face Primer Recommendations? All Brands Welcome!

    This Peter Thomas Roth Primer is amazing for toning down redness.
  18. makeupbyomar

    MUFE Haul

    Brush haul... A few MUFE brushes in there...
  19. makeupbyomar

    PPI Haul

    PPI Haul. Two palettes and refills. And a Kryolan fine liner brush
  20. makeupbyomar

    MAC haul

    Not so much of a "haul", rather more of a replenishment...