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  1. VenomousKiss

    Urban Decay Haul!

    I was so excited to see that Urban Decay was putting items on sale for only $5! Safe to say I picked up a few. Smoke Out Eye Pencil in Mary Jane (Midnight Blue) Loose Pigment in Shattered Loose Pigment in Baked Ultraglide Lipgloss in "O" Smoke Out Eye Kit in Sweet Lucy (It went from $34 to $15...
  2. VenomousKiss

    Put Your Monster Paws Up!

    I traveled from NJ to Boston to see Lady GaGa in concert on the 1st and of course planned my makeup a great deal ahead of time. I forgot to post it until now. Like I said, I planned in advance and took pictures when my hair was still blonde. I was sick in the picture too...
  3. VenomousKiss

    Huge Blue Eyes. Freckles. Pink Blush. Creeped out yet?

    SURPRISE! I got bored and I just finished with this look at 5 o'clock in the morning. I'm not going to tell you what I did to my actual eyes, let's see who can guess what I did to them. And no, the eyes were not edited at all. I hope you like it, I wanted to experiment (only fifteen.)...
  4. VenomousKiss

    Sugarpill made me hyper!

    Yesterday I was so excited about receiving my palette from Sugarpill, I just had to go and play with it! Now I can't wait for the other 7 eyeshadows I ordered. Just look how bright it is! Eyes; Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Sugarpill Afterparty Pressed Shadow on lid and blended out into...
  5. VenomousKiss

    Six More Weeks Of Winter [Spring Look]

    I just went crazy with a purchase from MAC, so I decided to do a look with all the products I bought. Eyes; Primed with TFSI. MAC Freshwater Eyeshadow on lid. MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow in crease. MAC Blue Sorcery Mineralized E/S Duo (Blue) on the outer corner of lid. MAC Stars N'...
  6. VenomousKiss

    Returning/Exchanging a MAC product?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to put this. Anyway, for Christmas, I had recieved a MAC NW15 Studio Sculpt Foundation from my mom. Since I had never been matched, and my mom thought I was exactly the same as her, the MUA recommended the NW instead of NC (I already knew I was a 15)...
  7. VenomousKiss

    Busy Week Pictures :D

    Wooo, this week has been a busy one. So much catching up on school. Not to mention Halloween! Since I never posted pictures, here we go. P.S: I made that costume in less than an hour the day on Halloween. Wasn't planning on going out. Then I had to get a walking cast on my foot. How...
  8. VenomousKiss

    Gasp! Rosalie Hale Inspired Look!

    For my Twilight Makeup series, here is Rosalie Hales! I decided to do a classic cut crease look for her, and of course, a red lip. I was extremely sick here, so yes, I do look sick in the full picture. Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (All Over) Coastal Scents 78 Palette White...
  9. VenomousKiss

    Alice Cullen Inspired.

    So, I did a look a few weeks ago for my Twilight Series makeup. I just finally got around to posting it. This is my Alice inspired, it was supposed to be an all pink "ballerina" look, but as always, I couldn't stay away from adding blue. What I Used: Too Faced Shadow Insurance on lid, crease...
  10. VenomousKiss

    Bill Kaulitz Inspired.

    Since my favorite bands new album was just announced, I decided to do a look based on their lead singer, Bill Kaulitz. It's basically an all black look, and here is the picture I used for inspiration (if you don't know who he is.) YouTube - Bill Kaulitz Makeup Tutorial
  11. VenomousKiss

    Who Said Makeup Was Just For Girls?

    This look is based on my favorite band, Tokio Hotel's, lead singer - Bill Kaulitz. If you don't know him, here is a picture of Bill to get an idea. This is one of my favorite looks. Now, the actual look: What I Used: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Coastal Scents 88 Palette 10th row, 8th...
  12. VenomousKiss

    Blue Was Always My Favorite Color.

    What Was Used: Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Clarity Eyeshadow (lid) Coastal Scents 88 Palette - 4th row, 5th color down - Crease Coastal Scents 88 Palette 7th row, 6th color down - Ontop of blue on crease Coastal Scents 78 Palette - White Highlight On Brow Bone Maybelline The Colossal Volum'...
  13. VenomousKiss

    Get Baked - Summer Look

    First ever FOTD (more like post), I've ever made here. So, I went to Sephora and made my first ever Urban Decay purchase. The Get Baked palette. I got inspired and made this look. I'm still improving, since I'm only fourteen. Hope you like it though. (: Eyes: Urban Decay Get Baked Palette UDPP...