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  1. princess sarah

    IMATS SYDNEY 2013!

    Hello Everyone! Who is heading there this year?? I will be and am rather excited!!!
  2. princess sarah

    Mac now selling in Target Australia

    I recently recieved my new Target catalogue and it appears that Mac have released their permanent line for sale in Target!!! Im a little disappointed to see this, they are selling the items at a discount but they are items that you can still buy from your local Mac counter, and not a...
  3. princess sarah

    Mac Nicky Minaj Viva Glam Inspired Look

    I was at my local Mac counter today and they handed me the new Viva Glam Poster and I had to create Nickys look after being inspired with all of the beautiful colours all day at work. I have ordered my own Nicky lippy but I havent recieved it yet so I mixed together OCC Lip Tars to try and get...
  4. princess sarah

    Slipknot Gig Makeup - The makeup I wore for the gig of a life time!

    Recently I was lucky enough to go to Melbourne to see Slipknot and I wanted to do some really bright extreme makeup! This is what I came up with! A few of the products that I used - Sugarpill Cosmetics Love+ Sugarpill Cosmetics Dollipop Sugarpill Cosmetics...
  5. princess sarah

    Few Simple Looks

    Hi Girls, decided to share a few of my recent looks with a few new products I got in the last 2 weeks. For full details... suss out my blog! Freshly coloured hair was another great reason to FOTD this look! A few products I used - Mac Elude Beauty Powder...
  6. princess sarah

    Pretty in Pink

    Todays look that I created with - Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk Inglot AMC 62 & Matte 359 Sugarpill Cosmetics Tako & Dollipop OCC Lip Tar in Strumped and Interlace Mac Strada, Stunner & MSF Blonde Full details on my blog
  7. princess sarah

    Mrs Joey Jordison - My take on the Slipknot Drummer

    I was feeling extremely creative and decsided to combine my love of tattooed metal drummers and makeup and came up with this look I called - Mrs Joey Jordison - the women behind the #1
  8. princess sarah

    Fire Starter

    I got inspired by Hot Summer Days over here in Australia and it also reminded me of the song Fire Starter by The Prodigy. Its bright and lots of fun for summer. Lime Crime Candy Eyed Helper Eyeshadow Primer NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil NYX Cherry Jumbo Pencil Sugarpill...
  9. princess sarah

    Princess Sarah's Pride and Joy - My Face Paint

    My makeup is my pride and joy and I finally decided that I would share it with you all... seeings I love looking at all the pics of your vanitys, set ups and cases. I have a little table that i picked up from Ikea and a chair. I have my every day things I use in my top desk draw like my...
  10. princess sarah

    Dried out Technakohl

    Is there any way to bring them back to life with a mixing medium or anything? Or are they dead and buried and ready for the bin? I have Obviously Orange, Full Fuchsia and Colour Matters and they are now on the dry side. Such nice colours that i dont want to bin them if i dont...
  11. princess sarah

    Long awaited Haul!!........... updated 25th August

    The haul i constantly talk about through these forums finally arrived today!! in excitment i burst upstairs and grabbed it and had to post it in here!! i couldnt wait until i got home to post it up, so i took pics at work So excited i got my new collections and some limited addition...
  12. princess sarah

    Sugar pill pressed eyeshadow and kryolan uv cream

    I randomly stumbled across these 2 lines last night and kicked myself for living under my Australian rock that I had not found them earlier!!! Some of the most amazing pigment shadows and uv cream so I ordered some from shrinkle on eBay, I got - Kryolan range - cream UV neon pink UV neon lime...
  13. princess sarah


    Hopefully im posting this is the right section but im looking for reviews on all the various eyeliners MAC have to offer and i wanted to know which is best. I used eyeliner every day but i use a maybeline crayon that i can put on the waterline etc. Im looking for coloured eyeliners that...
  14. princess sarah

    Hello from Australia!!!

    Hello everyone, the name is Sarah from Australia! Self confessed mac addict and my makeup is my pride and joy. Looking forward to getting to know u all :)