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  1. MelissaAnn

    For those of us with young daughters who love makeup

    I saw these on a craft blog and decided to try it out! Faux makeup! Its made with nailpolish! Here are the ones I made for my daughter.. My sister gave me these fake MAC containers after she bought them on ebay... O.o so I used those and a NYX trio...
  2. MelissaAnn

    Where can I find some black lace leggings??

    I am looking for some black lace leggings sort of like these.. All Over Lace Legging - Teen Clothing by Wet Seal but I need black! Wet Seal would normally be the first place I would go but the black ones are s/o online has anyone seen any like these at another store?? TIA!
  3. MelissaAnn

    Made some glitter pumps!

    I bought a pair of glitter pumps at Bakers a while back and havent worn them yet because I was feeling a little guilty buying them, so I took them back and decided to try and make some myself! Heres how they turned out..
  4. MelissaAnn

    For those ladies who have been through a divorce..

    What finally made you realize it wasnt working. Was there an a-ha moment? Did you know from the beginning? When did you decide to throw in the towel and it wasnt worth working on or saving?? For me it was a little of both...we married for the simple fact that I got pregnant..I should have known...
  5. MelissaAnn

    Sharing my pink vanity and my set up!

    My parents are redecorating my old room into a room for my daughter to have to spend the night there so they brought this over! I decided to paint it bright pink, its my new favorite thing in my house My plastic towers and some other organizational trays and stuff are in another room so theres...
  6. MelissaAnn

    Good liquid liner for a beginner?

    I have NEVER, not even once, used a liquid liner. Actually I usually never line my uper lid with anything, just the bottom with a pencil. But thanks to this site ive decided to give it a go...can someone recommend a good liner to start out with, or if there is something easier to start with...
  7. MelissaAnn

    Pink Pink make the boys Wink?!?

    I remember a long time ago seeing a lip conditioner in the white pot, that is called something along the lines of Pink Pink to Make the Boys Wink???? Anyone know what im talking about or am I crazy?? And I apologize if this is in the wrong place
  8. MelissaAnn

    Shy newbie posting a couple pics playing in the CS palette..

    My daughter is in bed, so since I didnt have anything to do I decided I would play around in my new CS 88 palette I didnt do the rest of my face so im just posting a few of my eye because I like the colors. Please excuse my thin crazy brows...they will be the death of me yet...
  9. MelissaAnn

    You know youre a makeup junkie when..

    you get jalapeno juice in your EYE and the first thing you think of is how thats going to affect putting on your makeup for the day I was making salsa and gaucamole, when I was chopping the pepper one TINY drop sprayed into my eye. The whole right side of my face is red, swollen and on FIRE...
  10. MelissaAnn

    Hi from Houston!

    Just wanted to do a quick little intro! Im glad to be a part of this forum, ive been addicted to MAC for the last 7 or 8 years. My name is Melissa and im an, almost 24, year old SAHM to a fiesty 2.5 year old little girl, who already tries to play with my makeup! I look forward to learning lots...